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  1. Coventry, UK
  2. Metal
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  1. Hey Ho, Stolen Logo
    by Swamp Coffin
  2. Flatcap Bastard Features
    by Swamp Coffin
  3. Movin On Singles
    by Trippy Wicked & the Cosmic Children of the Knight
  4. Chainscraper EP
    by Beggar
  5. Caramel Cigarette EP
    by Beggar
  6. Shingles + House of Man EP
    by Beggar
  7. Atomised
    by The Hyena Kill
  8. The Wizards Of Delight EP
    by The Wizards Of Delight
  9. Death Valley Duchess
    by Widows
  10. In Gallows By Mass
    by Ba'al
  11. So Flows Our Fate
    by Morass Of Molasses
  12. These Paths We Tread
    by Morass Of Molasses
  13. Raise The Monolith E.P.
    by Widows
  14. GUPPY - Split with Gurt
    by Gurt // Trippy Wicked
  15. From The Clutches of Oblivion
    by Byzanthian Neckbeard
  16. Reverence
    by Ba'al
  17. A Billion Faces
    by Gandalf the Green
  18. Horseback Battle Hammer
    by Conan
  19. What Is Imposed Must Be Endured
    by Blind Monarch
    by King Witch
  21. Dope Rider
    by Kurokuma
  22. Blind Haze - The Bastard EP
    by Blind Haze
  23. Illusive Golden Age
    by Augury
  24. Advorsus
    by Kurokuma
  25. Demo
    by Kurokuma
  26. The Acoustic Sessions (Bonus)
    by Regulus
  27. Regulus EP
    by Regulus
  28. Smoke
    by Regulus