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  1. Split EP
    by Alden Tyrell & LA-4A
    SAY WUT (909) SAY WUT (909)
    i only wish there was much more recent music from kevin. great guy and great musician.
  2. Be Me - IRX004
    by The Lone Flanger
    Smokin' Dope (The Definitive VIP) Smokin' Dope (The Definitive VIP)
    a strange and confusing cosmic feature that we are only beginning to undersand.
  3. Motte's Sauce
    by Olin
    olin's ability to intuitively understand just what makes a song or groove perfectly WORK is something unparalleled in most of dance music
  4. Your Ruling Planet
    by DOC SLEEP
    I Have Taken Poison I Have Taken Poison
    i have had this on my wishlist for so long and finally when i had a month with some extra money, it was the FIRST thing to go in the shopping cart.
  5. #340505
    by bergsonist
    super prolific, but with no drop in quality of the music ever. plus totally fearless in ignoring the rules of the shitty conservative music industry.
  6. Enhex
    by Dale Cornish
    Enhex Pattern 7 Enhex Pattern 7
    this record has so much personality blowing out of it like a confetti cannon despite being musically purposefully functional and austere. its like dale cornish CANT be anything but interesting/great
  7. Cabaret Cassé EP
    by MJC
    Sketchy Club Sketchy Club
    he kept telling me "its pay what you want, you can have it for free" and i kept saying "BUT I WANT TO PAY FOR IT, ITS WORTH MORE THAN I CAN GIVE!". i finally had some spare money this month. its great. buy it.
  8. Charlton - Nie Przyjazny
    by Charlton
    kick ass, knock down, drag out, back alley, toilet water, nose drip, infected wound, angry haymaker, bad drugs, but with a SMILE. i love this charlton. keep it up.
  9. Unreleased Pt. 2 (2013-2015)
    by Franklin De Costa
    When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong
    i think franklin is one of the most underrated people in dance music, and i am happy that this seems to be finally changing a little. just hope dance music survives the plague so he can be more successful.
  10. hyperempathy
    by Savile
    empathy and autonomy, two absolutely vital things that are inherently intertwined. hypergood, hyperemotive, hyperhyper (scooter). good job G.
  11. In Armatura 002
    by Tano
    it took him a long time, but now that hes out the gate hes releasing banger after banger. olé
  12. The SL-3 Varispeed Call Me Tania EP
    by La Mission All-Star
  13. 2021
    by Michael J Collins
  14. HNR037: Possibilities / Shazzy
    by Jesse
    Shazzy Shazzy
    the sounds playing in the background while my two neurons are fighting with each other
  15. Hari Kondabolu's New Material Night Volume 2
    by Hari Kondabolu
    hari speaks my mind more often than not. i just wish in my head they had the punchlines he manages.
  16. Building A Better Reality : A Benefit Compilation
    by Various Artists
    Untitled Untitled
    dude, 106 tracks you might think this is too much but this is great. such a nice wide variation on a theme but really its all good and all perfect for when you arent sure what you want to listen to and so you can put something on that is both challenging to you and also soothingly in the background, even when its harsh noise.
  17. Dance Classics VIII
    by Belony Edits
  18. Dance Classics II
    by Belony Edits
  19. Dance Classics IV
    by Belony Edits
  20. Newer Stuff I
    by Belony Edits