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Brian Dickens

  1. Winchendon, Massachusetts
  2. Folk
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  1. Far Flexed
    by Nada Boy
    Half of Half of Half Half of Half of Half
    appears in 1 other collection
  2. All Winter
    by Giant in the Lighthouse
    Heavy Ground Heavy Ground
    This record is wonderfully sweet and carries with it lots of blissful yet powerful refrains and melodies that signal The Hotelier and perhaps even Great Big Pile Of Leaves. Super promising stuff from this new group <3
  3. The Rhinestone Busboy EP
    by Jake McKelvie
    Shift Switcher Shift Switcher
    Why do I love this album? How about lines like "I don't live off the land I just live on top of it". A superb little record, with all the life and insight of a LP. Not to mention some serious acoustic guitar playing.
  4. Lots of Friends & Money
    by Spot Collins
    Dollar in Your Wallet Dollar in Your Wallet
  5. Emasculation Suite
    Our Lemon Tree Our Lemon Tree
  6. california dreamin'
    by elvis depressedly
    cop poet cop poet
    very very crushed by how straight forward and powerful these lyrics are..."no one should suffer just to die".
  7. The Pink Room
    by The Justin Arena Project
    Disappoint. Disappoint.
    Justin and the band played in my kitchen- forget garage rock, it's all about kitchen rock now. Much love to Justin, Molly and Snide.
  8. Easy January
    by The Justin Arena Project
    New Safe Place New Safe Place
  9. Nothing, Really!
    by Mark Gilday Jr.
    Start the Car Start the Car
    wonderful hooky acoustic jams. also into the Ryan Gosling track but after seeing Mark play Start The Car a couple times, it's become quite the earworm.
  10. These Means Are My Ends
    by Jedidiah Crook
    Heading South Is for the Birds Heading South Is for the Birds
    Jed has made the acoustic singer/songwriter album that I've been trying to create or locate for years. Simply excellent. "I sat on a curb and tried to translate a breeze."
  11. Ben Seretan
    by Ben Seretan
    Meadowlark Meadowlark
    Huge, gallant sounds that are at times diminutive, but always confident. This album is very engaging and fun to listen to, perhaps even for those averted to long, instrumental sort of tunes.
  12. Dancing with beasts
    by Allison Apple
    Spineless Spineless
    Saw Allison Apple in Brattleboro, VT where I believe she does not live currently/anymore. But wherever they are, such place is made better by their presence. Such a unique and well executed take on what it is to be a singer/songwriter.
  13. Sunrise
    by Foreverinmotion
    Love Against The Grain Love Against The Grain
    FIM has been one of my biggest inspirations for nearly a decade.