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  1. Metal
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    by Chepang
  2. Sect of Vile Divinities
    by Incantation
  3. Dancing Maze
    by Them Moose Rush
    Annie's Moles Annie's Moles
  4. Terra Mortuus Est
    by Katalepsy
  5. LIMBO
    by GAEREA
  6. Providence
    by Ulthar
  7. Wala'at
    by Al-Namrood
  8. Solve Et Coagula
    by Exgenesis
    Hollowness Hollowness
  9. Historia Nocturna
  10. Grungetown Hooligans II
    by MANTAR
    Can I Run Can I Run
  11. For Dread Shall Reign
    by Deathstorm
  12. Nihilistic Estrangement
    by Forgotten Tomb
    Iris' House Pt. II Iris' House Pt. II
  13. Navje
    by Navjarmaahr
    Wings. Claws. (Крылья.Когти.) Wings. Claws. (Крылья.Когти.)
  14. Eden In Reverse
    by Hail Spirit Noir
  15. Bathed In Ash
    by Patrons of The Rotting Gate
  16. Mutilated by Zombies - Scripts of Anguish
    by Mutilated By Zombies
  17. Bestial Manifestations of Malevolence and Death [REMASTERED VINYL EDITION]
    by Oxygen Destroyer
    Vanquished by the Unrelenting Devastation of the Celestial Behemoth Vanquished by the Unrelenting Devastation of the Celestial Behemoth
  18. Detherous - Hacked to Death
    by Detherous
    From Hell They Rise From Hell They Rise
  19. Spiritual Nemesis
    by Two Face Sinner
    Invoking Evil Invoking Evil
  20. Endless Detainment
    by Serpent Column
    Antihelical Antihelical