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  1. Grievances
    by Kowloon Walled City
  2. Ode to Despair
    by Sjálfsmorð af Gáleysi
  3. Θλίψις
    by Θλίψις/Thlipsis
  4. Splendidula
    by Splendidula
  5. Soulless Elements
    by Novere
    Farewell Farewell
    Straight post-metal doom and the advance track "Farewell" is pretty great. More to come in December...
  6. Vom Bruch bis zur Freiheit
    Vom Bruch bis zur Freiheit Vom Bruch bis zur Freiheit
    Completely massive album from Tardigrada, which should get recognized as a major release & not get lost in the year-end shuffle. Four emotionally complex tracks counterbalanced by four shorter interludes which are needed to catch your breath. Everything just sounds so huge especially those echoed vocals which feel lifted from some kind of mythological story. This music just speaks to what I'm going through. Its beyond great, you know? Trust me - you'll be melted by the last song for sure.
  7. Mortalized (Poison EP)
    by Takafumi Matsubara
  8. The Grand Scheme of Things
    by Dormant Ordeal
  9. We Had It Coming
    by Dormant Ordeal
    Derangement Zone pt. 2 Derangement Zone pt. 2
    For the life of me I cannot remember why I dismissed this album when it came out but I did, so never gave it a chance. Being in isolation for the better part of two years kind of makes you see and hear things differently now. Read about the new album coming in December 2021, so decided to revisit "We Had It Coming." I was completely mistaken about this band and record. It feels amazingly real, like the songs are alive. Quite the revisionist surprise to find a near classic you once threw away.
  10. Tide Turns Eternal
    by Dream Unending
    The Needful The Needful
    Just a huge Tomb Mold fan and this record absolutely does not disappoint. But I can listen to the guitar work here forever. Classy and next level.
  11. Ward of Roses
    by The Silver
    Ward of Roses Ward of Roses
    If you were to tell me that the Knox brothers from Horrendous would sync up with the drummer from Crypt Sermon, I could tell you it would be expectedly awesome. And this is just that. What I was not expecting would be that Matt Knox's clean vocals come across hardcore 80's goth, like a cross influence between Robert Smith & Peter Murphy (maybe some early Bono too???). Coupled with Nick Duchemin's harsh vocals creates something singularly unique. And those fucking leads burn for weeks... Quality.
  12. Serpent Soul (A Tale of Angels' Slaughter) [Live at Pentagram House Studio]
    by Moanhand
    Serpent Soul (A Tale of Angels' Slaughter) [Live at Pentagram House Studio] Serpent Soul (A Tale of Angels' Slaughter) [Live at Pentagram House Studio]
    Sick live in the studio version of one of the strongest tracks on this year's "Present Serpent." Soaring and just killer shit.
  13. Tales Of Othertime
    by Stormkeep
    Eternal Majesty Manifest Eternal Majesty Manifest
    Fucking November and your many great releases are causing all sorts of havok to my end of year lists...
  14. Boris performing "flood"
    by Boris
    Flood is probably my first go to when I listen to Boris and have heard the studio version countless times. The main draw on this live version can be simply summed up in two words: Michio Kurihara. His guitar playing here is remarkable and worth some serious concentration.
  15. 呪われた ...Complete Mortality
    by Mortalized
    Endless Bullet Endless Bullet
    The complete Mortalized in one glorious collection. Sit down, hit play and have Takafumi Matsubara grind you into dust.
  16. Feel
    Drowning In The Stream Of Consciousness Drowning In The Stream Of Consciousness
    I've actually gone to sleep over the past few nights listening to this album. Not that it is light listening - quite the opposite. There is just something seriously cocoon-like calming to me about the feel of "Feel." Equal parts death and doom, Apparition come forward with songs that are profoundly heavy and memorable. Let this be the soundtrack to the nightmare you deserve haha.
  17. To Live Is To Die, To Die Is To Live
    by Palm
    Burn The Silence Burn The Silence
    This record flies by with one amazing riff after another. And if you have not yet heard the full-on aggressive & destructive genius of Toshihiko Takahashi's vocals, buckle up because the crash is coming directly towards you.
  18. Corpseflower
    by Cicada The Burrower
  19. Foreverglade
    by Worm
    Subaqueous Funeral Subaqueous Funeral
    "Foreverglade" feels like getting sucked headfirst into a bottomless swamp. The Morbid Angel-esque lead touches are on point but the fact that every sound is perfectly produced makes the entire record crawl to life out of your speakers. I'd also like to point out that the vocal effects and distant sound placement make for quite the trippy listening experience on headphones. Fantastic and highly recommended.
  20. Le Cœur Bat (Album)
    by Non Serviam
    Le Coeur Bat Le Coeur Bat
    Heard this a few months ago and took a pass because I didn't have the patience required to commit to the music. But I went back to this earlier in the month and "Le Coeur Bat" really got through to me. The 25 minute title track is a schizophrenic nightmare collage with so many disparate elements, it couldn't possibly work. But somehow emerges as a total masterpiece. The other songs might not be quite as monumental but are equally strong and help support the weight of the epic first track. Great.