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Martin Doležal

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  1. Casa Limon
    by Smother Party
    Mr. Mackerel Mr. Mackerel
    such a badass combination of microtonal guitars and crazy rhythms. a hidden gem
  2. As Lost Through Collision
    by Sprain
  3. Black Bile
    by Andy the Doorbum
  4. Say So
    by Bent Knee
    Good Girl Good Girl
  5. Hand It Over
    by Neck
    Baited Baited
    absolutely wonderful harmonies, broken synths disapearing in field recordings. what a record.
  6. Charlotte
    by Lady Fitness
    Sixième Jour De Forêt Sixième Jour De Forêt
  7. Prvý album
    by raptor koch
    Otrok zmien Otrok zmien
    raptor is love, raptor is life
  8. Andy the Doorbum/Yardwork Split
    by Andy the Doorbum
    Medicamentum Medicamentum
  9. Sus
    by PoiL
    Luses Fadas Luses Fadas
  10. Zones
    by Enablers
    Goon Seat Goon Seat
    oh yeah.
  11. ni I
    by ni
    Gros gibier Gros gibier
  12. ni II
    by ni
    Marquage Culotte Marquage Culotte
  13. Les insurgés de Romilly
    by ni
    Marpaud Marpaud
  14. Pantophobie
    by ni
    Catagelophobie Catagelophobie
    definitely would make Robert Fripp proud
  15. Ultra Zook
    by Ultra Zook
    words cant describe the euphoria this music gives me.
  16. Of Violence
    by Town Portal
    Roko's Basilisk Roko's Basilisk
    first time I heard the tracks I thought "oh hell that sounds like KWC gone more proggy"; then I found out that they record with Scott Evans. what a record, what a crushing sound. a hot candidate for my aoty
  17. Shadow Expert
    by Palm
  18. Million Miles
    by Merkabah
    The Lion's Throat The Lion's Throat
    kurwa zajebiscie
  19. Free Range
    by Zoo And Aquarium
    Šudibúda Šudibúda
  20. Staro
    by Vojdi
    Stale Traja (A4) Stale Traja (A4)
    hahaha first
    123 123 123 1 123