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  1. Do Not Let Me off the Cliff
    by Cloud Rat
  3. Phantom Limb
    by Pig Destroyer
  4. Cloud Rat
    by Cloud Rat
    by MOTHS
  6. Pollinator
    by Cloud Rat
  7. Qliphoth
    by Cloud Rat
  9. Good Time Charlie
    by Herbal Flesh Tea
  10. Date Rape Nation
    by Apocalypse Hoboken
  11. Twelve
    by 8-Bark
  12. Tower of Rome Demo
    by Tower of Rome
  13. Harpoon
    by Harpoon
  14. Hashbrown Demo
    by Hashbrown
  15. Midwesterner EP
    by Herbal Flesh Tea
  16. More Kids More Fun
    by Various Artists
  17. Duration Of . . .
    by Silence
  18. Bloody Tusk Demo
    by Bloody Tusk
  19. Trial By Fire Demo
    by Trial By Fire
  20. The Rambling Boys of Pleasure
    by The Fighters & Winepress
  21. Kraftkase Five-Song Demo (2013 remix)
    by Kraftkase
  22. Me and My Three Droogs
    by The Undesirables
  23. Beneath the Wheel 2001 Demo
    by Beneath the Wheel
  24. Tower of Rome / Gun Kata split
    by Tower of Rome / Gun Kata
  25. Not Just My Head b/w One Track Head
    by Bhopal Stiffs
  26. Bryant Walker b/w Falling Down
    by Ball Sniffer
  27. Seyarse
    by Seyarse
  28. ATFO
    by ATFO
  29. Showoff Demo
    by Showoff
  30. The 4-Squares
    by The 4-Squares
  31. What's the Point?
    by Daniel Murphy
  32. Schlumpf
    by Doug Karo Solo Experience
  33. Arbiter Demo
    by Arbiter
  34. 1997/1998 Demo
    by Landmine
  35. Management Taught Through Stories
    by Tommy Camaro
  36. Not Enough Gold Demo
    by Not Enough Gold
  37. Formative Years of Devotion
    by Red Letter Day
  38. Participation Award Demo
    by Participation Award
  39. Jow.
    by Mannequin Hand
  40. Big City . . .
    by The Broadways
  41. Down Like the Rest demo
    by Down Like the Rest
  42. Five Fingers Half a Hand
    by Five Fingers Half a Hand
  43. Grandma Shampoo b/w Dickory Dock
    by Blue Meanies
  44. Hamburger Help Us
    by Dakota/Dakota
  45. I Want to Fly Far Away . . . (Afro Pubes Records Compilation)
    by Various Artists