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  1. Between Earth and Sky
    by Rhea's Obsession
  2. Le Manu
    by Shepherds Reign
  3. Legend (Resurrected)
    by Shepherds Reign
  4. Legend (Acoustic version)
    by Shepherds Reign
  5. Aiga
    by Shepherds Reign
  6. Shepherds Reign
    by Shepherds Reign
  7. I-VIII Deluxe Edition
    by Gild The Mourn
  8. The Great Sun
    by VOWWS
  9. Spitting Embers
    by Oblivia
  11. Craven
    by Daeonia
  12. 00/1
    by Deleyaman
  13. The Age Of Sophya
    by SOPHYA
  14. Louise
    by Skeletonbreath
  15. Through The Shadows
    by The Spiritual Bat
  16. Haunted
    by Strap On Halo
  17. The Dead Don't Lie
    by Strap On Halo
  18. Cherry Flavored Quick Fix EP
    by Strap On Halo
  19. Darkness Falls Upon This Christmas
    by Dark Christmas
  20. Miniature Menagerie
    by Toy-Box Trio