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  1. Athens, Greece
  2. Metal
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  1. The Bonnie Nettles
    by The Bonnie Nettles
  2. Perennial Fire
    by Primal Cult
  3. Πανσέληνος
    by Empire Of The Moon
  4. Protos Orofos 10
    by Various Artists
  5. The Ecstasy of Infinite Sterility
    by KRAUSE
  6. Recitations of Abyssic Necropsalms
    by Caedes Cruenta
  7. Dystopian Electronics Vol. I
    by Blakaut
  8. Wolf from Onon Realm
    by Inferno Requiem
  9. Religious Purification Through Fire
    by Heathen Deity
  10. Ashen Sovereignty
    by Blodpest
  11. Solemne Tenebris
    by Blosse
  12. Forgotten Hymns Of The Urals
    by Wintaar
  13. Forgotten By Time
    by Thy Dying Light
  14. Ulv Og Mann
    by Panzerwar
  15. Everything Dies (Collaboration)
    by Human Serpent/Isolert
  16. Cumbrian Black Metal
    by Thy Dying Light
  17. Reflections Of A Frostbitten Moon
    by Wampyric Rites
  18. A Crown of Curses
    by Abduction
  19. Consuming The Soul
    by AKASHA
  20. Nightchants
    by Wintaar
  21. Light That Is Called Darkness
    by Nordligblast
  22. Thy Dying Light - The Last Twilight
    by Death Kvlt Productions
  23. KÖLD|​SORG
    by Gravkväde
  24. Nottingham Infernal
    by Heathen Deity
  25. Nottingham Infernal
    by Heathen Deity
  26. Youth in Ribbons
    by Revenant Marquis
  27. IJsval
    by Asgrauw
  28. La Patria Que Danza en Rabia
    by Ühtceare
  29. Somme
    by Somme
  30. Beyond The Shadows
    by Atra Mors/Torver
  31. Nattravn
    by Nattravn
  32. Void Worship
    by Ulven
  33. Bezdeń
    by Nyctophilia
  34. Box Set
    by Nazrak
  35. Among the Dead Stars
    by Lunaar
  36. Religious Purification Through Fire
    by Heathen Deity
  37. Songs Of White Wilderness
    by Wintaar
  38. Primordial Desecration
    by Bmokatak
  39. Hertless - Lifeless
    by Hertless
  40. The Cold Night
    by No Point In Living
  41. Bewitched by Moonlight Rituals
    by Vegard
  42. Nordic Glares Bless The Dead
    by Wintaar
  43. .​.​.​In The Desolate Forest of Eternity
    by Wampyric Rites
  44. Blackwood Live
    by Thy Dying Light
  45. Elände - Hat - Misär
    by Självtortyr