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  1. The Rainbow And The Dove
    by Spider Bite
  2. The Rainbow And The Dove
    by Spider Bite
    F ya!

    Go Ian!
  3. I Think You Know / Bird With an Iron Head
    by Weird Nightmare / Ancient Shapes
  4. La Luna
    by Daniel Romano
  5. Fully Plugged In
    by Daniel Romano
    She was the world to me 🥇
    Gone is 🥈
    I’m alone now 🥉
  6. Cobra Poems
    by Daniel Romano
    After 1 listen:

    Tragic Head 🥇
    Motions 🥈
    Animals 🥉
  7. Kissing The Foe
    by Daniel Romano
    Keepers of the polished world🥇
    I don’t fit in🥈
    Singers in season🥉
  8. White Flag
    by Daniel Romano
    New milk 🥇
    Garden of the heart 🥈
    I’m only love🥉

    If he releases a “best of 2020” album, it will be the most incredible release of all time
  9. How Ill Thy World Is Ordered
    by Daniel Romano
    What took so long 🤨

    Disheartened by the dawn 🥇
    Joys too often hollow🥈
    A secret still to be betrayed 🥉
  10. A Splendour Of Heart
    by Alias Ensemble
    I’ve nothing left to know 🥇
    My mother’s ruined teeth 🥈
    Storm cellar door🥉
  11. Dandelion
    by Daniel Romano
    The Farther Side Of Love The Farther Side Of Love
    Farther side of Love 🥇
    Maybe today will be curious 🥈
    Novus 🥉
  12. Spider Bite
    by Daniel Romano
    Hospitals And Graveyards Hospitals And Graveyards
    Reminds me of Pink Lincolns vocals

  13. Forever Love's Fool (Feat. Danny Carey)
    by Daniel Romano's Outfit Feat. Danny Carey
    4:50-7:15 👍
  14. Two Songs From Fiver
    by Fiver
  15. You Wanted Country? Vol. 1
    by Fiver
  16. You'd Think I'd Think
    by Daniel Romano
  17. Super Pollen
    by Daniel Romano
    Cops 🥇
    Elevators 🥈
  18. Copyright 1973
    by The So-Called Fake Country All-Stars
  19. Tube Reducer
    by Booji Boys
  20. Unknown Pleathers
    by Booji Boys