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  1. Are You Okay?
    by The Cubbiebear Legacy Project
    Are You Okay? Are You Okay?
    Cubbiebear is my favorite artist since the first time I ever heard him, there are so few artist who tell it like it is and I wish the world had more artist who had this sort of bravery and to do it for the love of the music and not for what music has become which is purely about the money.. His music could easily help the masses and he deserved to be at the top of the mainstream since his fist song. This kids music saved my life and I will forever Love him for that..
  2. Mario Deep
    by Teddy Faley
  3. The Astronaut
    by Josiah Orsie
    The person singing it xDxo
  4. Some Day When
    by Siah
  5. Stand United (league champion contest)
    by Siahofmars and Bigheart
    I don't think there is anything about this song you can't like - if you do there might be something wrong with you xD
  6. B-Sides from Mars
    by Siah
    sooner or later sooner or later
    I can't say enough good things about this artist - not only is he one of the best singers I have ever heard but he is an equally talented writer among other attributes. Seriously you gotta buy this dudes catalog- u won't regret it..
  7. sampler.2014
    by Teddy Faley
    Barney Stinson ft Michael Faley & DJ Addikt Barney Stinson ft Michael Faley & DJ Addikt
    Teddy Faley is like the cowbell of Hip Hop - you hear him once you just got to have more.. He is a really good live artist also..
  8. Spinning
    by Siah
  9. Timeline
    by Siah