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  1. Applied Music Vol.3 - Land & Sea
    by Jon Brooks
  2. Talking Over Talk / Cruel Reminder
    by Archers of Loaf
  3. Zopp
    by Zopp
    The Noble Shirker The Noble Shirker
    Good modern day Progressive Rock is hard to find, because it's a genre synonymous with real musical chops (and you can't fake that with ProTools).
    This is GREAT prog. Playful, melodic, clever (without being aloof). Absolutely love it! I didn't expect this in 2020.
  4. How To Get To Spring
    by Jon Brooks
  5. Raleigh Days
    by Archers of Loaf
  6. Laughing Gas EP
    by Wild Nothing
    Sleight of Hand Sleight of Hand
    To call this ‘perfect pop’ seems almost a slight. There’s a level of musicianship and attention to detail here that lifts this way beyond any 80s pastiche. Wild Nothing could have gone toe to toe with any of synth pop’s pioneers.
    This EP, for me, is his high point so far. It’s been a LONG time since I’ve just repeatedly played a record back to back. Can’t recommend this highly enough.
  7. Schlagenheim
    by black midi
  8. Emotional Freedom Techniques
    by Jon Brooks
  9. Autres Directions
    by Jon Brooks
  10. Shapwick
    by Jon Brooks
  11. Walberswick
    by Jon Brooks
  12. Clesse
    by Clesse
  13. Agri Montana
    by Jon Brooks
  14. Olivia's World
    by Olivia's World
    Cereal Boxes Cereal Boxes
    Sunshine filtering through distorted guitar. I just love this band.
  15. Horixens
    by Sevish
  16. Some Good Some Bad
    by Curve
  17. What A Waste Feat Ian Dury
    by Curve
  18. On The Wheel
    by Curve
  19. Triumph
    by Curve
  20. Cereal Boxes
    by Olivia's World