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  1. To Infect | To Inflict
    by Voidsphere
  2. Integrated Tech Solutions
    by Aesop Rock
    Probably the best release of 2023 for me, *BUT* if Spirit World was a 10, this is a solid 8 - still worth every penny though!
  3. Ringing the Bell of Gleaming Martyrdom
    by Within Thy Wounds
    Phenomenal musicianship and mixing - immediate purchase after hearing the first track! Cover art is "The Preaching of St John the Baptist" by Bartholomeus Breenbergh, if anyone was wondering!
  4. Divine Cessation
    by VALDUR
  5. Galgendood
    by GATEWAY
    Absolutely crushing! If you like Desecresy but wanted it to be mixed like the last HELL record - this would be the closest thing to it. The low end on this album is speaker destroying. The atmosphere is dense. Buy it.
  6. an impostor’s folly
    by Glyph
  7. Rites of Loathsome Sorcery
    by Occult Blood
  8. The Room in the Ground
    by Occult Blood
  9. ​Disharmonium - Nahab
    by Blut Aus Nord
  10. The Outskirts Of Reality
    by Yuri Gagarin
  11. Yuri Gagarin (2014 Remix)
    by Yuri Gagarin
  12. Sea of Dust
    by Yuri Gagarin
  13. At The Center Of All Infinity
    by Yuri Gagarin
  14. Yuri Gagarin
    by Yuri Gagarin
  15. Ensemble Under The Dark Sun
  16. Wreath Of Bleeding Snowfall
    by Kommodus
  17. The Last Seer ep
    by Sleeping Ancient
  18. 物の怪
    by IER
  19. Apotheosis
    by Ars Magna Umbrae
  20. Spirit Possession