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  1. The White Shape EP
    Space Reaper Space Reaper
  2. Second Sun
    by The Worn Flints
    The Last Lie Ever Told The Last Lie Ever Told
    This is it - the musical evolution of our human species has been leading to this album. I could wax romantic all evening...just believe, this album DOES live up to its beautiful cover is sheer, powerful, unthrottled BLISS the likes of which I have felt on maybe a dozen occasions in my entire life. No joke - feel free to play this at my funeral.
  3. Worship The Sun
    by Allah-Las
    Ferus Gallery Ferus Gallery
    The Allah-Las made me realize that in many ways we listen to music that espouses a lifestyle we aspire to. This music makes me want to manifest a lifestyle good enough to deserve it. There's a peaceful, satisfied, flow here that pushes buttons I didn't even know I had.
  4. Electric Shepherd
    by Electric Shepherd
    Mapping Your Innermost Trails Mapping Your Innermost Trails
    It's unreal how perfectly-crafted this record is. All the parts move & mesh together perfectly - it's like an acid-misted orgy with the most attentive lovers you've ever had. You get meandering passages, you get strong doses of heaviness, but best of all you get tonnes of smooth groove. Unbelievable pleasure.
  5. Domo
    by Domo
    Nadi Nadi
  6. 1886
    by 1886
    The Birth Of The Truth The Birth Of The Truth
    It's with no exaggeration that I say I actually momentarily cried from sheer happiness at what I was hearing the first time this played. This EP is DRENCHED in the perfect sound and gives you just what you want, exactly the way you want it, right outta the gate.
  7. Aura Blaze
    by Aura Blaze
    The Velveteen Valleys The Velveteen Valleys
    Into the Deepest Space (Re-recorded) Into the Deepest Space (Re-recorded)
    There is no human way to describe this album. This is beyond rock, it's beyond psychedelic, it's beyond classification or analysis. It is simply, and purely, virtuosity & joy from start to end.
  9. Twin Speak
    by Twin Speak
    Swordss Swordss
  10. Redline
    by Lazerhawk
    Dream Machine Dream Machine
    by Carpenter Brut
    Hang'Em All Hang'Em All
    by LA FEMME
    Rarely does an album live fully and perfectly up to its title. Thank heavens this is one of those times. One of the most mental albums I've ever heard, and totally irreplaceable.
  13. LSD and the Search for God
    by LSD and the Search for God
  14. Something Out There
    by Tiga Lilly
    What Life is What Life is
    Tiga Lilly changed my life, it might be among my favourite music I have ever discovered. It's EXACTLY what I've always wanted and doesn't fade a single shade with age.
  15. In The Light, In The Dark
    by Tiga Lilly
    Oh My Love Oh My Love
    Damn near impossible to pick a favourite track, this album has the super-psych I came to live Tiga Lilly for but also pure fun rocking beach anthems. This band is still my personal favourite musical discovery.
  16. Freestyle
    by Taalbi Brothers