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  1. What Keeps You Up At Night
    by Stardeath and White Dwarfs + Casket Girls
    Deep Time Deep Time
  2. Crystallize
    by Tokyo Shoegazer
  3. Lovesick
    by Tennis System
    Shelf Life Shelf Life
  4. Suffering Is A Gift
    by portrayal of guilt
  5. Constructing A Mental Breakdown
    by Not Your Friends
    Abort Abort
    by The Armed
  7. Films Without Plotlines - EP
    by Tempertwig
  8. The Desperation Club - A Cloud Tribute Compilation
    by Various Artists
  9. Live at Kulak's Woodshed
    by Cloud
  10. Exciting Opportunities: A Collection of Singles and Sadness
    by Benjamin Shaw
  11. Mustard After Dinner - An Anthology of Fighting Kites
    by Fighting Kites
  12. Should've Stayed At Home: A Collection of Oddities and Outtakes
    by Benjamin Shaw
  13. Shark Islands: A Broken Shoulder Archipelago
    by Broken Shoulder
  14. Wilted Eden
    by Jail Weddings
  15. The Fleeting Light of Impermanence
    by The Appleseed Cast
    Time the Destroyer Time the Destroyer
  16. Disappear Here
    by Night School
  17. :)
    by Shouldies
  18. Nocebo
    by Elizabeth Colour Wheel
    23 23
  19. Knife Play
    by Xiu Xiu
  20. Henry / I'm On Fire
    by soccer mommy
  21. Vitriola
    by Cursive
    Under The Rainbow Under The Rainbow
  22. So Pretty (Expanded)
    by Kid Dakota
    Crossin' Fingers Crossin' Fingers
  23. P A I N
    by Tennis System
    Lackluster Lackluster
  24. s/t
    by Dreamend
  25. Love Is Lawless
    by Jail Weddings
    The Impossible The Impossible
    The Impossible was what my wife and I danced to for our first dance at our wedding. Love this album.