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  1. Kroccoli
    by Manuel Chittka
  2. Bizcocho y devenir
    by Nichunimu
  3. Bespoke
    by Omphalopticon
    Omnicromaticum sources of sounds. A grey and black caleidoscope of the vibrations that we are part in the everyday life.
    Good to hear all of them packed in a multicolor collage tape!
  4. Gestos
    by Lorenzo Gomez Oviedo
    11 11
    "Gestos" is a trip into the tranquilty waters of patience and distance.
    A drink Bar inside a ghost boat that sales into the myst and may not come back.
    End of the world music with the end of the world pianist.
  5. New Rudiment Candidates For Snare Drum
    by Jean-Baptiste Geoffroy
  6. Looking For A Ruler
    by Niko-Matti Ahti
  7. Riverside Ishiyama
    by salad
  8. 55355
    by Zhao Cong
  9. here
    by Grisha Shakhnes
  10. dolphins in cornwall
    by IEOGM
    dolphins in cornwall dolphins in cornwall
    "Tiovivo" sounds that range from tape drones to voice glitches.
    Super powerful joy between listens.
    One of my 2023 favourite records!
  11. Dystonium
    by Photophobik
  12. The Problem
    by Beachers
  13. Faksfjord / Fragsfjord
    by T. Jervell & ChromaDots
    Dag 4 Dag 4
    Two foxes dancing and playing in thin ice....
    Dangerous but joyful
    Great Album!
  14. Settembre
    by Chiara Bacci/Nicola Lancerotti
    Due Due
    Icy constellations and eras behind desert steps.The only voice you hear in this path is coming from your heart.
    Some animals at the distance, moan their loses.
  15. Transmissions From The Radio Midnight
    by Aki Onda
    Part I Part I
    Midnight radio makes me want to crawl into my kitchen and stare at the trrrrrrssss and brssssss from my little transistor transmissions.
    Aki Onda manages to make a unique portrait of the world recent History using a non-recent device.
    Radios are a time-machines in a planet that is somewhat starting to forget about time machines.
  16. Nokivesi
    by Ahti & Ahti
    This is a boat trip into the mental states of winter season.
    Lots of wood sounds, winds and music concrete stuff.
    Lovely journey.
  17. The Heaver
    by Grisha Shakhnes
    A2 - Street Life A2 - Street Life
    Sounds of a field recorded cave full of icy towns and green birds.
    Cities that are in motion but still you will only hear a breeze from them.
    Grisha is a master!
  18. aperture
    by Luke Martin / Noah Ophoven-Baldwin
    all the rooms of light all the rooms of light
    Light rooms with troumpet and windows open.
    Loving the radios and the warm feelin inside and outside the record.
    Ideal for those "silence-domestic-field-recordings-lovers-and-trompet-fanatics"
  19. All Those Nails Deserve Your Hate
    by Giacinto
  20. Magnet Blues
    by Zhu Wenbo/Zhu Songjie