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Bardo Morales

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  1. Heimdal
    by Enslaved
  2. How To See Through Walls
    by Windows96
  3. 東京に忘れた夢
    by SkyTwoHigh
  4. City Lights Forever
    by COSMIC CYCLER & SkyTwoHigh
  5. Drone Activity
    by Ulver
  6. Ahida
    by Nürnberg
  7. After the Magic
    by Parannoul
  8. Unseen
    by SLIFT
  9. Los exploradores perdidos [Reedición]
    by Pumuky
  10. El bosque en llamas
    by Pumuky
  11. Justicia Poética
    by Pumuky
  12. Metahackeo
    by Pumuky
  13. Plus ultra
    by Pumuky
  14. Castillo Interior
    by Pumuky
  15. Unison Life
    by BRUTUS
  16. On The Bai'ou
    by DITZ
  17. God's Country
    by Chat Pile
    Anywhere Anywhere
    Harsher Slint vibes.
  18. Paraglow
    by Parannoul & Asian Glow
  19. Xia Ye
    by Night Swimmer
  20. Darklife
    by death's dynamic shroud
    The amount of creativity thrown into this album is nothing short of amazing. But the most impressive thing is that it totally works in terms of musicality and dinamism. What a damn masterpiece of new New-Wave / Experimental electronic music.