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  1. Psithurism
    by Michael Woodman
  2. Hum
    by Alain Johannes
  3. Animal Choir
    by Her Name is Calla
  4. 2015 - Mainly Songs About Robots
    by Toehider
  5. "GOOD"
    by Toehider
  6. Modern Country
    by William Tyler
    Somehow, when this album launched, I arrived on this page. Kept coming back to it. Finally I ordered it on CD, and it feels so good to finally listen to it that way! Thank you William Tyler, thank you Merge Records!
  7. Feminism
    by Sleeping In Traffic
    Waited on an option to buy this on CD, because it feels worth it. But couldn't hold myself back any longer because the music+concept deserves active support!
  8. Hurts Really Happy
    by The New Earth Group
    An exemplary exercise in grooving out and freaking out simultaneously.
  9. Two People Holding Hands
    by Tjalling
  10. Ripples
    by Stephanie Francke
    appears in 1 other collection
  11. Death of Beauty
    by Milk White Throat
  12. House of Fire
    by Milk White Throat
  13. Symptoms
    by Maladie
  14. The Octopus
    by Amplifier
    Boy am I glad that some guy called Sel Balamir seduced me to listen to this one after going after Thumpermonkey on his aptly-named label Rockosmos! In the past, I skipped Amplifier because I somehow couldn't get into 'Echo Street'. This one grabs me from the get-go, so, Amplifier, yeah, warm tubes again! And this guy Sel? He happens to be an awesome guitar player as well.
  15. Alpha
    by AWOOGA
    Best christmas gift I've had in a while! (Not that I've ever dabbled in christmas gifts, but still!)
  16. Electricity
    by Thumpermonkey
    I feel the need to emphasize that I LOVE the way this EP is produced, because I did read some review that was all about "punk attitude" which felt like someone was listening to a different record (unless punk refers to pure and no bullshit)...also, gotta love the vocal control on display. So, that's out there! Thanks for this awesome music!
  17. Endemic Laughters
    by {TFP} - Tim Fromont Placenti
  18. Volume One
    by Ché Aimee Dorval
  19. World's Fair
    by Julian Lage
  20. Some Heavy Ocean
    by Emma Ruth Rundle
    Run Forever Run Forever
    This whole album remains so achingly beautiful!!!