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  1. Union (Instrumental)
    by Ihlo
  2. Carry The Sound
    by AKORD
  3. 26
    by Sithu Aye
    26 26
    It's difficult to say one person is the best guitarist, bc there are so many. This guy is right up there though.
  4. The End Of Everything
    by Plini
    Wombat Astronaut (Beyond The Burrow) Wombat Astronaut (Beyond The Burrow)
    Plini never disappoints! A more mature release with some heavier elements, but a masterpiece once again! Hope this isn't the end of them...
  5. The Space Between
    by Intervals
    Sonar Sonar
    This song builds so well. You'll see what I mean.
  6. Other Things
    by Plini
    Other Things Other Things
    Smoother than smooth.
  7. Isles EP
    by Sithu Aye
    Jura Jura
    These albums have left an imprint on me. So much meaning expressed though his playing.
    by Intervals
    Atlas Hour Atlas Hour
    The vocals covered up so much ear candy. So glad it was released as an instrumental. I didn't think it could get any better than "In Time", but it's right up there!
  9. Marula
    by eden circus
    summon a ghost summon a ghost
    Man, what a find! Was just randomly searching through a fan's collection and found this beauty. Reminds me of a lot of many different bands, but they also have their own unique style.
  10. Sweet Nothings
    by Plini
    Sweet Nothings Sweet Nothings
    Close your eyes and enjoy.
  11. Citadels
    by Mandroid Echostar
    Ancient Arrows Ancient Arrows
    Awesome band, I prefer the instrumental version. Looking forward to the next release.
  12. The Time Traveller
    by Breaking Orbit
    Time Traveller Time Traveller
  13. Colliding Skies
    by Chaos Divine
    Symbiotic Symbiotic
  14. Pulse
    by Sithu Aye
    Messenger (feat. Aaron Marshall) Messenger (feat. Aaron Marshall)
    Part Intervals and part Sithu Aye, yes please. Take my money.
  15. Abakus - Beyond The Fields
    by Abakus
    Abakus - Duotechnolique Abakus - Duotechnolique
    Chill, with some funky.
  16. Invent the Universe
    by Sithu Aye
    Particles Collide (feat. Plini) Particles Collide (feat. Plini)
    Great album, but this song might be the coolest ever made. 2 of my favorite artists.
  17. Mir
    by Ott.
    Mouse Eating Cheese Mouse Eating Cheese
    EAR CANDY!!! Doesn't get much better for the ears than Ott.
  18. Mr Balloon Hands
    by Ott
    Mr Balloon Hands never deflates.
  19. Cosmogenesis
    by grumusic
    Pulsar Pulsar
    Very unique style.
  20. Awake
    by Tycho
    Awake Awake
    This album is so chill. Smoke a bowl and enjoy!