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Johnny Voltaire

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  1. Medusa
    by C Z A R I N A
  2. Furbidden Planet
    by Cat Temper
  3. Open House
    by Alpha Chrome Yayo
  4. Icarus (EP)
    by Johnny Voltaire
  5. Digital Death
    by Mike Templar
    Ghostly Whispers (feat. C Z A R I N A) Ghostly Whispers (feat. C Z A R I N A)
    Mike's newest release injects a lot of soul into the machine. Never one to forget that yes, machines are ever-present, but it doesn't mean a thing without that human touch. Plenty of grooves and synth leads stand apart from the multitude of contemporaries who follow their formula. This is old school synth in attitude, funky in its feel, and topped with a punk flair. There is a layer of roughness under these dance tracks. Listen to the music, absorb the message. Because the future is now.
  6. Dead Air
    by Alpha Chrome Yayo
  7. Wonderland
    by C Z A R I N A
    Triumphant sounds, epic vocals, and a track that stands in flux between eras; this is what the past, present and future sounds like. You can sing to this, dance to it, or just bob your head. If anything has an instant classic feel to it, it's this one.
  8. In Arms
    by Johnny Voltaire
  9. Sunset Heat
    by Alpha Chrome Yayo
  10. All The Pretty Faces (Feat. C Z A R I N A)
    by Von Hertzog
  11. Rogue Racer
    by See Thomas Howl
    Deep Orange Deep Orange
    Thomas is Howling in a different key these days, and the change up is daringly alluring. The feeling of anticipation, and the longing of something great to happen is all here. If you like sitting down and listening to music that makes you pumped but also reflective, this is for you. Yes you!
  12. The Mirage is the Portal
    by 空YAMAHA
    Terra Nova Terra Nova
    Sky's music somehow manages to point out the obvious gap between modern day's sensibilities and yesteryear's musical heights, but at the same time connect it into something timeless. The portal is vast and full of deep chords, enticing keys, classic drum machine sounds, mellow pads, as well as a presentation that makes you feel like you are in a waking meditation. Music is about your voyage. This isn't New Age, this is Now Age, and Sky is your lead.
  13. Spectral Hands
    by Alpha Chrome Yayo
    Tulpa Jack Tulpa Jack
    Space. Air. Two things that evoke peace and serenity, or a sense of anticipation and fear. ACY used a combination of space and spirit and gave us a new way to travel to the realm of fright and spook. Jazzy ambience, banging drums, and crazy resonant shrills abound.
    Complete with pictures, background info on demons and personal anecdotes, this package has something that welcomes you to the den of the undead with open arms. You would do well to enter - or miss out at your own risk!
  14. TROM - The Resolution of Mind
    by Mike Templar
  15. Skylight Sessions
    by Alpha Chrome Yayo
    Ethereal, relaxing, introspective, classic, and perfect for vibing to. If you haven't realized by now that Alpha is one of the most creative, and versatile artist out there, then let this dive into a slice of giant, aural white clouds be your proof. This is a soundtrack for balancing your life and finding peace
  16. Hey Frendz - Obey U$
    by See Thomas Howl
  17. The Valkyrie (Immigrant Song)
    by C Z A R I N A
    Incredible work. So much is going on that it's necessary to take it in through several listens. Sonic wise this a powerful record that takes from a Rock classic and puts a lot of new spins on it. An excellent blend of old and new. Laser sharp music for Synth fans and music fans alike.
  18. 19th Hole
    by Alpha Chrome Yayo
  19. Light Fantastic (Single)
    by Kemikziel
    Light Fantastic (Extended) Light Fantastic (Extended)
    Such light hearted music that's fun to listen to. Memories of 8 bit days and having fun with friends are all over this one. Grab it
  20. Feralyzed
    by Cat Temper