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  1. We Are All Atomic
    by Spotlights
  2. The Mind Wanders
    by Two Hands | One Engine
    Rescind Rescind
    Spacious with reverence for time to flow over you as when the last light of day fades into a hopeful golden sunset.
  3. All is Violent, All is Bright
  4. Presence Withheld
    by Michael Hayden
  5. Earth Day Dream Space
    by Periodic Table Tennis
  6. Intelligent Design
    by Periodic Table Tennis
  7. Sample Pack Movie Dialogue - Sci-Fi Vol.2 #GM0021(314 Spoken Samples)
    by GowlerMusic
  8. Central Valley
    by sleep lady
    Pleased this listener came late to sleep lady. Hindsight is a virtue at times and knowing what comes next for the members (albeit at times only fragments) are a prelude to preeminent bodies of work. In 18 minutes you are swept away in a coming of age story w/ bouts of jubilation & torment. A scene of an incoming thunderstorm you accept & revel in, as the cool waters quench a thirst you didn’t realize you had & washing away bitter sweat on your brow. Take it in. Satisfaction is the end result.
  9. So Long Lonely Ghost
    by sleep lady
    There are no Happy Accidents There are no Happy Accidents
    Explores a swath of colors and flavors. Hints of 90s stoner rock, grunge, and the like, but with a modern twist and personal touch. The most diverse sleep lady release of the three available here.
  10. Fighting For The Year
    by Sleep Lady
    A Palooka's Errand A Palooka's Errand
    Sonic textures and fuzzed out layers. Elements of sludge and doom, but for people when they aren’t pissed off. Nicely timed and placed electro samples that add value without taking the focus from the guitars and bass.
  11. The Alone Rush
    by Wrekmeister Harmonies
    The Alone Rush The Alone Rush
    Tragedy and bliss woven together. A soundtrack for when dawn approaches and fades into daylight.
  12. Dawning
    by Two Hands | One Engine
  13. Friday Harbor
    by Two Hands | One Engine
  14. Janice
    by Two Hands | One Engine
  15. Whirlwind
    by Two Hands | One Engine
  16. Hecla
    by Two Hands | One Engine
    This track nestles in between two other extended tracks to provide a meditative backdrop to calm the senses. Excellent work.
  17. Phage
    by Warped Freqs
  18. November
    by Human Impact
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  19. The Gods of the Copybook Headings
    by Ranges
  20. And the People Cried out for a King
    by Ranges