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  1. Omega Station
    by RAN
    Heeeee's ba-ack! Synthsploration for the nations!
  2. The Second Cosmocide
    by Tachy Bunker
  3. The Uncanny Valley
  4. TERROR 404
  5. Dangerous Days
  6. I Am The Night
    by Perturbator
  7. Apocalypse 11-S
    by Anuman
    Overhead Conspiration Overhead Conspiration
    Top shelf ep. You can really smell the Brut cologne.
  8. ArchDevil (EP)
    by LostSckare
    Eternal Agony (feat. THE CRUCIFIX) Eternal Agony (feat. THE CRUCIFIX)
    Rad album art: check.
    Rad ep full of galloping darksynth: also check.
  9. Presence of Evil
    by SHREDDER 1984
    Enemies Within Enemies Within
    This, dare I say it...measured approach, stressing some darksynth fundamentals, really promotes the horror inspired vibe. Lots of midtempo chuggers with club posturing, and synth daliance. This strong effort grew on me after a few spins.
  10. Replicant
    by Death Selektor
    Across The Black Universe Across The Black Universe
    This album is a stunner! Prog rock/metal flavoured good! This album will take you places. Quality darksynth experience.
  11. Noir
    by Thy Night'85
    The Great Silence The Great Silence
    This project doesn't disappoint. Each release is special in its own way. Noir offers active, yet atmospheric darksynth. Cutting bass layers, with classical elements. A celebration of night!
  12. Ascension
    by ChameleonGod
    Hyper Displacement Hyper Displacement
    Hyper Displacement brings the "whoa".
  13. Grayscale
    by ChameleonGod
    King of the Krypt King of the Krypt
    Heavy, groovy, and neon-free.
  14. Synthetics
    by RAN
    Rise of the Synthetics Rise of the Synthetics
    Synthetics comes to Bandcamp! Dig the new artwork!
  15. enter eternity
    by Rain Desire
    cloudy space cloudy space
    Dungeony lo-fi.
  16. what is the answer
    by Rain Desire
    take some time take some time
    More fluid (and less Castlevania) than it's predecessor, while keeping the classic video game sound. Love that snare.
  17. we are here
    by Rain Desire
    sacred souls sacred souls
    Live slow, die whenever.
  18. smoked out
    by Rain Desire
    fame blaze fame blaze
    The opening track is the most synthwave this project has ever sounded. What follows is an exploration of synth, trap, and hip-hop. An eclectic chillwave experience.
  19. 11th Dimension
    by Arcades
    Reactor Reactor
    Well done! Solid Shredwave!
  20. Kitt Nash (EP)
    by Futura Synk
    Someone In The Elevator Someone In The Elevator
    This EP from 2015 is sounding real good in 2022. High on fundamentals, a hint of vapor, and a quasi Dr. Who vibe.