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  1. Bokuseki
    by William Fields
  2. Tara Clerkin Trio
    by Tara Clerkin Trio
  3. Lattices
    by NP [Jad Atoui & Anthony Sahyoun]
  4. Stardust
    by Faith Coloccia & Philip Jeck
  5. Death is perfection, everything else is relative
    by France Jobin
  6. Logue
    by KMRU
  7. Double Live
    by clipping. With Christopher Fleeger
  8. Sheikh Jarrah الشيخ جراح
    by Daboor
    by INVT & Coffintexts
  10. EarthSeed
    by Nicole Mitchell & Lisa E. Harris
  11. Szampler
    by Fennesz
    by INVT
  13. Between Scylla And Charybdis
    by Jawad Nawfal
  14. What's Stopping You From Doing This?
    by DJ SWISHA, Diyr & Kanyon
  15. Clara
    by loscil
  16. Clearly Invisible
    by Oh Sees
  17. Wind (with Chris Watson)
    by Hazard
  18. Sonified Physiological Indicators Of Empathy
    by Jen Kutler
  19. Everything U Need
    by Overmono
  20. Natural Phenomena
    by Ayesha