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  1. Possession
    by Cousin Boneless
  2. The Tilt EP
    by Swordplay
    I'm sorry Ociffer I'm sorry Ociffer
  3. Autumn of the World
    by The Resonant Rogues
    Autumn of the World Autumn of the World
  4. The Big Freeze
    by Laura Stevenson
    Dermatillomania Dermatillomania
  5. Approaching Thunder
    by We The Heathens
  6. Nero - EP
    by Matt Pless
    Where the Horses Won't Go Where the Horses Won't Go
  7. Kings and Queens
    by Jesus and his Judgemental Father 2010-2018
  8. Love Keeps Kicking
    by Martha
    Love Keeps Kicking Love Keeps Kicking
  9. Ship of Fools EP
    by Ship of Fools
    Handle Myself Handle Myself
  10. Manmade
    by Citizen Fish
    World's Gone Mad World's Gone Mad
  11. Superposition
    by On the Water
    Sun Temple Sun Temple
  12. ElectroCrypt
    by Ben Prunty
    Lair of the Arthrolisk Lair of the Arthrolisk
  13. Split with SKASUCKS
    by Jeff Rosenstock
  14. Escape EP
    by Hard Up
    A Charles Bronson Handshake A Charles Bronson Handshake
  15. Holocene
    by igaf sequoia
    Monsanto Monsanto
  16. Lost Kids
    by Stick and Poke
    Lost At Sea Lost At Sea
  17. Hands of Kings
    by Death Has 1000 Ears
  18. Holy Ghost!
    by Laura Stevenson
    Gathering and Leaping Gathering and Leaping
  19. "THAN THOU"
    by scissorbills
    Sharp Axe Sharp Axe
  20. Lost Remedies
    by Atrocity Solution
    Banshee Banshee