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  1. Dawn Chorus soundtrack
    by Keo Blau
    A criminally underrated album! Everything in this album works exceptionally well for the visual novel-it captures the mood and tone well. I especially like the acoustic ones, their neat and straightforward, yet relaxing. Oh, the ambient ones are also great too.

    I can't wait to see how large this gets over time because it's a steal for the price.

    Edit: I also noticed this is done by one person. One person. That's incredible, just wow. You should be extremely proud of yourself.
  2. Exordium
    by Mittsies
    Ventus Ventus
    The music really gets you pumping! I really like every song in the album as each song is unique with their own twist. Great for testing the sound quality of headphones

    Perfect for chilling, procrastinating or for a workout. Made me think why I didn't listen to/discover any of Mittsies' music earlier!
  3. Tandem
    by Mittsies & Matthias
    Drift Drift
    Like it's predecessor, this album is incredible! This album is a lot more 'softer' and 'smoother' but this isn't a bad thing though! Similar results will occur while listening to this album: complete awesomeness.
  4. Equilibrium
    by Mittsies
    Luminescent Luminescent
    The squirrel had done it again! I really like the variety of styles in this one.

    Still after all these years a couple of Mittsies' tracks like Celestial Smacktalk (personal fav), Trial or even Tower hasn't been included in an album. Maybe in another 4 years?
  5. Alchemy
    by Mittsies
  6. Titanium
    by Mittsies
  7. Raptor
    by F-777
    Remember Me Remember Me
  8. Without You Studio (DEMO)
    by Zekalvee
  9. Zekalvee & Pyrite - Alotta What
    by Zekalvee
  10. Heated Remastered
    by Zekalvee
    appears in 1 other collection
  11. Simulate
    by Zekalvee
  12. Dreams
    by 4U :: Lex Diamond
  13. The Light
    by 4U
  14. Break You
    by 4U
  15. Auru
    by 4U
  16. Long Gone (Ft. Medicinal)
    by 4U
  17. Our Minds
    by 4U
  18. Brimstone
    by Mittsies
  19. 200X AESTHETIC
    by Mittsies
  20. Epitomize (Sinner's VIP)
    by Mittsies