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  1. MOA1205 - Grainophonics
    by Interconnected
  2. Desolate Snow Roads
    by World Circuit
    6 Million 6 Million
    Dreamy ambient scapes, combined with great rhythms and elaborate acid 303 lines. Great work!
  3. MOA1202 - Dimensional
    by Parallel Worlds
  4. Phosphenes (DiN65)
    by Dave Bessell & Parallel Worlds
  5. MOA070
    by Drøn
  6. Organic Adventures
    by Natural Life Essence
    Organic Adventures 1 Organic Adventures 1
    really nice atmospheres, pads and analog-like sequences that create a calm soundscape together with various field recordings make this a great ambient album! recommended for sure!
  7. Reality Engine (DiN62)
    by Dave Bessell
    Great Atmospheric album! Highly Recommended!
  8. Italian Works II
    by Lee Anthony Norris
    Out of this world collection of tracks that calm your mind and soul. highly recommended!
  9. Last Light
    by Specta Ciera
    Quite special album with soothing scapes and very effective sequences combined to give a unique result. great ambient album, Recommended!
  10. MOACD1
    by Various
    Amazing collection of many excellent tracks covering all kinds of electronic music. Recommended!
  11. Mirrors
    by Mick Chillage
    Uduzax Uduzax
    Excellent ambient album full of ethereal soundscapes and deep atmospheres!
  12. Pleochroism
    by Juta Takahashi
    Pleochroism Pleochroism
    an album of calm soundscapes and atmospheres that introduce a state of pure serenity to the listener. Highly Recommended!
  13. Ultramarine Sun
    by Drøn
    new great album full of ambient atmospheres of top quality! Highly recommended!!!
  14. tʌntrə
    by Various
    Fantastic compilation full of atmospheric tracks with soothing sonicscapes!
  15. MOA030
    by Drøn
    Dodge Dodge
    simply excellent!
  16. Signals
    by Motionfield
    another Neotantra Masterpiece! full of atmospheric and ethereal tracks, like flying thru imaginary clouds... or being lost in the fog... Highly Recommended for sure!
  17. Clockwork Manor_Cottage Industries 9
    by Neo Ouija
    Drøn_Leaf Drøn_Leaf
    great compilation, lovely atmospheres and IDM beats, lots of great tracks in this compilation. totally recommended!
  18. 001005
    by Various
    lush pads, 303 basslines, 808 drumtracks, there is a lot to like in this melodic electronica/IDM/Electro compilation... Great work!
  19. Blue Mountain
    by Private Mountain
    Private Mountain Private Mountain
    soothing and calm soundscapes that remind you of a beautiful place and feelings that you never want to go away... softly distorted soundscapes and field recordings that only add to the beauty of the whole album... serene greatness!
  20. Soul Offerings
    by Bålsam
    Beautiful Home Beautiful Home
    what an amazing album! full of calm melodies and atmospheres combined with beautiful field recordings of elements of nature... feels like a journey to an imaginary park in a sunny day... highly recommended!!!