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  1. Demo I
    by Tumultuous Ruin
  2. Demo II
    by Tumultuous Ruin
  3. Invicta
    by Serpent Column
    Asphodel Asphodel
  4. Take A Chance On Rock 'n' Roll
    by Couch Slut
  5. There Is No Wind That Blows Desperation Away
    by Red Holes
    There Is No Wind That Blows Desperation Away There Is No Wind That Blows Desperation Away
    Pirate metal. All wind & sails. Storm & gloom. Sea caves & waves on the rocks. It's a full ride through this material.
  6. Empty Memory
    by Red Holes
    Ethics Gradient Ethics Gradient
    Blackened-shoegaze with a heavy amount of noise and ephemeral qualities. A good balance of restraint and emotional explosion. A good step away from first two releases & yet, could only be a recording from these guys.
  7. Boulder on a Hill
    by Red Holes
    Boulder on a Hill Boulder on a Hill
    Raw, trudging, violent, builds with great composition. Great emotional undercurrents and structure. Some of these songs almost walk the line of falling apart, but somehow stay on track________________ CHAOS
  8. Jet Blood
    by Red Holes
    Jet Blood Jet Blood
    Mixed genres all equally frantic. Can't wait to hear more from these characters. Noise driven (equal parts) sludge/punk/blackened.
  9. Endless Detainment
    by Serpent Column
  10. Laocoön
    by Jute Gyte
  11. Psychic Secretions
    by Stargazer
  12. Mirror in Darkness
    by Serpent Column
  13. Die Miserable
    by Fuck The Facts
  14. Demonic Wealth
    by Krallice
    Disgust Patterns Disgust Patterns
    The rec> processes behind this has definitely developed a new sense of space, texture, and mood. Super esoteric lockdown album. Just the fact that Mick Barr rec> all these vox tracks in a car outside a swamp makes me appreciate it even more.
  15. Godslastering: Hymns of a Forlorn Peasantry
    by HULDER
    Sown in Barren Soil Sown in Barren Soil
    Waves of sound pounding against brittle ships, village coasts, dilapidated island fortresses, and THE OCEAN IS ON FIRE
  16. Fungus II
    by Wasted Shirt
    Harsho Harsho
  17. Impenetrable Cerebral Fortress
    by Gulch
    Sin In My Heart Sin In My Heart
  18. The Rib
    by Jute Gyte
    The Rib The Rib
    What a ride. Beautiful, damaged, full of drive and echoing trails_________Vox and beats attacking your brain. Microtonal guitars burrowing their way into your soul.
  19. Mass Cathexis
    by Krallice
    All and Nothing All and Nothing
  20. The Approaching Roar
    by Altarage