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  1. Walk the Wheel
    by Truth Cult
  2. Tales Of Othertime
    by Stormkeep
    A Journey Through Storms A Journey Through Storms
  3. Vast Reaches Unclaimed
    by Majesties
  4. Anthronomicon
    by Ulthar
    Fractional Fortresses Fractional Fortresses
  5. Helionomicon
    by Ulthar
  6. Blackbraid I
    by Blackbraid
    Sacandaga Sacandaga
  7. Heavy Pendulum
    by Cave In
    Blood Spiller Blood Spiller
    I didn't know I had a Saturn shaped hole in my heart. Heavy Pendulum just fit it perfectly.
  8. Electric Elite
    by Riot City
    Ghost Of Reality Ghost Of Reality
  9. Netherheaven
    by Revocation
    Strange and Eternal Strange and Eternal
  10. Liminal Rite
    by Kardashev
  11. Viscera
    by Strigoi
  12. Iconic
    by Obsidious
  13. LAGU
    by Caïnan Dawn
  14. Where Madness Dwells
    Everlasting Fire Everlasting Fire
  15. Ov Mournful Twilight
    by Morbikon
  16. Wither On The Vine
    by Darkest Era
    Tithonus Tithonus
  17. Eclipse of the Dual Moons
    by High Command
    Spires Of Secartha Spires Of Secartha
    High Command eviscerate the usual cheesiness of metal and fantasy combination with a double handed sword forged in Slayer and Celtic Frost fire.
    Starting with the Berserk toned artwork, Eclipse of the Dual Moons is the definitive maturation of the band and a late contender for album of the year in the metal space.
    Rise the bridge, boil the oil, iron the main doors: siege warfare is upon us!
  18. Folium Limina
    by The Otolith
    Sing No Coda Sing No Coda
    Six songs in 63 minutes is a LOT to ask from the listener, but, as the name suggests (the Otolith is a structure in our inner ear crucial in perceiving acceleration, therefore, essential for stability), the formula is all about balance. Monolithic riffs crash in an ever-present lake of ethereal violins, melancholic vocals phased out by raging growls, a mood of sadness shifting to danger and fear.
    Glacial and passionate to welcome the cold seasons.
  19. Regenerator
    by King Buffalo
    Avalon Avalon
    This album is like a moment of clarity after a long period of pain and suffering: nothing has changed, but acceptance leads to calm and serenity. A safe space where the mind can find rest.
  20. Empyrean
    by Fallujah
    Duality Of Intent Duality Of Intent