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  1. Palimpsest
    by Protest the Hero
  2. The Inveterate Fire
    by Firelink
  3. Spiritual Instinct
    by Alcest
  4. Asheran
    by DVNE
  5. Intrinsic
    by The Contortionist
  6. Language
    by The Contortionist
    The Parable The Parable
  7. Our Bones
    by The Contortionist
  8. Clairvoyant
    by The Contortionist
  9. Unfold the God Man
  10. Tetris® Effect Original Soundtrack
    by Hydelic
  11. Love Exchange Failure
    by White Ward
    Love Exchange Failure Love Exchange Failure
  12. Apocalypse (Death Metal)
    by COLOSSO (Portugal)
  13. Abysmal Decay (Death Metal)
    by VERTHEBRAL (Paraguay)
    The Art of Perversion The Art of Perversion
  14. Stare Into Death And Be Still
    by Ulcerate
  15. Fluxion (2009 Re-Edition)
    by The Ocean
  16. Starspawn
    by Blood Incantation
  17. Abiogenesis
    by Burial Invocation
  18. Interdimensional Extinction
    by Blood Incantation
  19. Black Sea Misanthropy
    by Necronautical
  20. The Endurance at Night
    by Necronautical