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  1. Atlas Vending
    by METZ
  2. World of Burning Hate EP
    by Classics of Love
  3. Bridges
    by Resistors
  4. Inlet
    by Hum
  5. s/t
    by Pigeon
  6. Dear Leader
    by J. Robbins
    Simply capital.
  7. Drained Nonsense +2
    by Boilermaker
  8. Both Feet In The Grave
    by The Crimson Curse
  9. Byrned.
    Catcher's Mitt Catcher's Mitt
    Why yes, I CAN dig it.
  10. In Wallace's Shadow
    by Boilermaker
  11. Discography 1994-1995
    by Portraits Of Past
  12. Schadenfreude
    by SHINER
    I'm going to have to listen to this album on repeat for the next 22 years in order for me to determine a favorite track. I finally made my choice for Lula Divinia.
  13. Coriky
    by Coriky
  14. Good Morning, Mr. Good
    by Ring, Cicada
  15. carrier wave (deluxe edition)
    by porcupine
  16. Loop of Yesterdays
    by Azusa
  17. Benefit for World Food Program USA
    by Good Riddance
  18. Bring The Light
    by Don't Sleep
  19. Leave It All Behind
    by Praise
  20. PEARS
    by PEARS