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  1. Rapturous Grief "S/T"
    by Rapturous Grief
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    Rapturous Grief - Pesadumbre Habitual Rapturous Grief - Pesadumbre Habitual
    I had the pleasure of meeting Robert Sarabia (guitar/vocal) and he was kind enought to give me with a Rapturous Grief cassette.
    I listened to it and it blew my socks off!!!
    Insanely fast n hectic, then will drop out with something real slow n heavy.
    Loved it - bought the 7" - GET IT!!!
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  2. Barning The West
    by Char-Man
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    New Wave New Wave
    Heard about this band when I bought the Lecherous Gaze LP, 'On the Skids'.
    Zaryan Zaidi is singer for both bands. He has a lovely voice xXx
  3. RETALIATE demo
    by Disparage
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    Doom of Mankind Doom of Mankind
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  4. Born On A River (single)
    by Lecherous Gaze
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    Ravenous (single version) Ravenous (single version)
  5. Bagagazo
    by Lecherous Gaze
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    Bagagazo Bagagazo
  6. BLESS OFF Demo
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    Zipper Tripper Zipper Tripper
    Heard a song from these guys on a Thrasher video. Went straight to bandcamp and bought the album. It's a banger!
    They've got that heavy BlackFlag sound with a large helping of very trashy rock n roll. Loves it!
  7. Transmission Zero
    by Ghoul
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    Off With Their Heads Off With Their Heads
  8. Fire Marshall Law
    by John the Baker and the Malnourished
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    Malnourished Nothings Malnourished Nothings
  9. ANS / Ramming Speed
    by A.N.S. / Ramming Speed
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    Can't Let This Go Can't Let This Go
  10. ANb / ANS
    by Agoraphobic Nosebleed / A.N.S.
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    Alcohol Alcohol
  11. Bucktown Hardcore
    by Direct Control
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    Terror Shock Terror Shock
    Bought the LP from Tankcrimes records and loved it. If you like hardcore punk you can't not like this fast as hell hardcore banger! Also Brandon Ferrell is in the band so bit of a no brainer.