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  1. The Horizon Just Laughed
    by Damien Jurado
    Allocate Allocate
    My favorite track is The Last Great Washington State. It is so beautiful!
  2. Slow Sundown
    by Holy Motors
  3. Freedom's Goblin
    by Ty Segall
    Alta Alta
  4. Plant Age
    by Terekke
  5. Plum
    by Wand
  6. A Place I'll Always Go
    by Palehound
  7. Volcano
    by Temples
    Certainty Certainty
  8. Real Lessons In Cynicism
    by Soccer Team
  9. Sports
    by Fufanu
    Your Fool Your Fool
  10. Marked For Death
    by Emma Ruth Rundle
  11. Dada Distractions
    by Aan
    Heartbreaker Heartbreaker
  12. Aforger
    by Douglas Dare
  13. Red Apple Falls
    by Smog
    "Blood Red Bird" is a fantastic song. Smog is not on Spotify, so I felt I had to buy this.
  14. Ty Segall
    by Ty Segall
  15. Resort
    by Tuff Love
    My fifth favorite album of 2016
    Favorite track: Doberman
  16. Isolation Culture
    by His Clancyness
    Isolation Culture Isolation Culture
    My third favorite album of 2016
  17. Leggy
    by Leggy
    My 18.favorite album of 2016
  18. Radio Norfolk
    by Ghost Wave
    My tenth favorite album of 2016
  19. For This We Fought The Battle Of Ages
    by SubRosa
    Wound Of The Warden Wound Of The Warden
    My 11th favorite album of 2016
  20. Songs from the Pale Eclipse
    by The Warlocks
    Lonesome Bulldog Lonesome Bulldog
    One of the best albums from The Warlocks in my opinion.
    My second favorite album of 2016