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  1. Teaser Freezer! The Ghost Album
    by Dopamine, Co.
  2. Goldtooth
    by Goosehound
    by ARK
  4. bae you'll splay
    by b0des
    by ARK
  6. Acid House
    by Mumm_ra
  7. Earf
  8. Kaleidosound
    by eardrumcircle
    by ARK
  10. CROW
    by Go South
    appears in 1 other collection
  11. PLUTO
    by Bruce Wayne
    appears in 1 other collection
  12. RE
    by ARK
  13. escapism
    by 40hands
  14. ZRTH
    by ARK
  15. The Lobe & J.H Project
    by Lobe
  16. Endless Journey b/w Thomas Contreras - Greetings
    by expansions of Q / Thomas Contreras
  17. Beyond Tomorrow
    by 40hands
  18. TapeCookies2
  19. .weightless
    by .jarvismbrown
  20. Big Green Monster
    by Surreal the MC
    appears in 1 other collection
  21. I'm a Parent
    by Surreal the MC
  22. Inner Alignment
    by Brandon Medellin & Thomas Contreras
  23. Holster You (Demo)
    by Frankie Chiaro
  24. Dabrye - Air Feat. MF DOOM (AO remix)
    by ATA Records
    killin it!
  25. elements.of.self
    by 40hands
  26. Trippie Redd - In Too Deep (Instrumental)
    by TheBeatLabSound
  27. A Trap (Demo)
    by Frankie Chiaro
    excellent song writing...solid structure but a touch of looseness with the lyrics... good playing, good mix, A++++ would buy again
  28. Spaced Invaders
    by Surreal the MC
  29. yesterdays.
    by 40hands
  30. RATIO
    by Nicholas Semrad and expansions of Q
    Akina Drift Akina Drift
    an album seemingly outside of time...i had to wait 10 months before i felt like i had digested this enough to give a proper review... to say something beyond the cliche... i had to dig into expansions of Q as well... straight up it's like stepping into an entire landscape of it's own... i could name the obvious comparable artists - dilla, knx, flyLo... but really having semrad on keys puts this in its own dimension...
  31. Election Day
    by MØNØ
    Afraid Afraid
    such a tasty album. amazing samples. excellent mixing and the album as a whole sounds cohesive. chill vibe with touches of tension throughout. reminds me a bit of some real early flying lotus albums only slightly more sedated.
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