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  2. Alternative
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  1. Insomnia (Single)
    by Grey skies
  2. The Faces of Sarah - Turn Away
    by The Faces of Sarah
  3. Coherence
    by Succubus
  4. Assim falava o Homem Coelho
    by Permaneço Deitada
  5. Hidden House
    by Hidden House
  6. A Pact with the Devil LP
    by Catholic Spit
  7. Vai
    by The Dreams Never End
  8. Singles
    by Nouvelle Vie
  9. Call Of The Banshee
    by VA
  10. B.F.E.46 - END OF DATA - Sahrah LP
    by Btx3R/F01101/Exe.
  11. 1985
    by Calling Dead Red Roses
  12. Dance in the Fire
    by Former Humans
  13. Bolted Down
    by Former Humans
  14. Heaven's Gate remix by Mark Gemini Thwaite (Mission UK/Peter Murphy)
    by Former Humans
  15. Heaven's Gate
    by Former Humans
  16. Forever Came Today (Balvanera Remix)
    by Shadow Project, Christian Death, Balvanera
  17. Screams for Tina
    by Screams For Tina
  18. The Bleakest Hour EP (digital)
    by Chaos Bleak
  19. Crucifixion, Please! (An incomplete guide to psychedelic Deathrock)
    by Bloody Dead And Sexy
  20. Second Seduction
    by Panic Priest
    Pretty Evil Seed Pretty Evil Seed