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  1. Flower Of Life [LP]
    by Taleen Kali
  2. Hollywood Piano
    by Maraschino
  3. Banshee EP
    by NewDad
  4. Waves EP
    by NewDad
  5. Burning the Night
    by Ewiniar
  6. Cosmic Tidal Wave
    by The Stargazer Lilies
  7. Soludenia
    by Skrika
  8. No. 5
    by christina vantzou
  9. Anthem
    by Go Fight
  10. EG2: Dowsing Voice
    by Emma Ruth Rundle
  11. Anthropocene
    by Behind your Fear
  12. Österlanden
    by I, Parasite
  13. This Is My Battle Cry
    by Ayria
  14. Lärads Grenar
    by Hindarfjäll
  15. Therium
    by Autumn's Grey Solace
  16. Doombound
    by Battlelore
  17. Before and After the Storm
    by the Machine in the Garden
  18. Extra Cosmic
    by Panda Riot
  19. The Buried Storm
    by Darkher
  20. Notes From the Universe
    by Collide