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  1. Tanks A Lot
    by Thomas Brinkmann
  2. Prego!
    by Chanbara
    It's super refreshing to listen to this in the early morning after a PCR test, deserves to be heard in the best sound quality.
  3. interval
    by Victor Moragues
  4. Flapper That [DIAG023]
    by EVOL
  5. Wabbit Trax [DIAG051]
    by EVOL
  6. Wabbit Trax 2 [DIAG058]
    by EVOL
  7. [DIAG909]
    by EVOL
  8. Right Frankfurt [DIAG032]
    by EVOL
  9. Pritt 52
    by glues
  10. Softbop
    by General Magic
  11. Calanhi
    by /DL/MS/
    Mountains Mountains
    This is too good to be ture.
  12. The Rosenberg Algorithmic Music Generator, Vol. 4
    by Mick Sussman
  13. Preludes and Postludes
    by Mick Sussman
  14. Interferences
    by James Bradbury
  15. Groups: Articulations of the Real
    by Marcin Pietruszewski
  16. UHU 36
    by glues
  17. Trans-Aeon Express
    by 33EMYBW & Gooooose
  18. Switch
    by IKTS
  19. Parallel Weaving 聲比成音
    by Sheng Jie 盛潔 & Shen Jing 沈靜
  20. Structures for Wave Field Synthesis
    by Elías Merino & Daniel del Río