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  1. Nothing Like the First Time
    by Watsky
  2. Mostly Dead Music
    by 8bit bEtty
  3. Too Bleep to Blop
    by 8bit bEtty
  4. Break Out. Out Break. Break Even?
    by 8bit bEtty
  5. Fall Upon Your Sword
    by 8bit bEtty
  6. Fake the Bitters
    by 8bit bEtty
  7. Nothing Compares to You
    by 8bit bEtty
  8. Bob-Omb Battlefield
    by Super Soul Bros.
  9. Plane 651
    by kisswatskysgluteusmaximus
  10. A Wake in the Wells
    by Old Earth
  11. Anything Past That
    by The Glowing Stars
  12. Parables
    by JENI
  13. Palette Town
    by Palette Town
  14. Bryarly
    by Bryarly
  15. Aldine
    by Rob Scallon
  16. TAB
    by Backwards Bat
  17. Blog Vrothers
    by Michael Aranda
  18. Want You Gone (Cover)
    by Jimmy Wong