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  1. Deniz Tek Collection Vol. 2: Take it to the Vertical
    by Deniz Tek
  2. Content To Point The Way
    by Daniel Romano
  3. "Visions Of The Higher Dream"
    by Daniel Romano
  4. Fast Freight
    by Deniz Tek
  5. Hard Feelings
    by TOP DOWN
  6. Kick It
    by The Kaams
  7. WHO?
    by THE HECK
  8. Dalaplan - Du Går Aldrig Ensam
    by Beluga Records
  9. I Saw Them Leaving
    by The Pussywarmers and Réka
  10. Moving Target
    by The Peawees
  11. All You Need Tonight
    by Dee Rangers
  12. Songs of Our Times
    by Paul Messis
  13. You Can't Beat Youth
    by The Maharajas
  14. Rough Roads – CD
    by TOP DOWN
  15. In Pure Spite
    by The Maharajas
  16. Yesterday Alway Knew
    by The Maharajas
  17. Falling Right Down
    by The Strollers
  18. Califorlornia EP
    by John Murry
  19. Songs From Church Avenue
    by The Reverend John DeLore
  20. Old Fashioned
    by John Statz