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Peter von Mirbach

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  1. POEtry (Drones, Atmospheres and Dreamscapes Vol. 2)
    by Michael Brückner
  2. The Healing Road
    by The Healing Road
  3. Tubular Bells by TUBULAR WORLD (featuring Rob Reed)
    by robert reed
    I really know the original recording by Heart nearly every sound every note is burnt in my brain. Now I hear this and I'm amazed and also a little bit confused. This recording is, although it sounds quite familiar, really worth to enjoy at an Independent piece of music.
    I prefer the Artist Mix
  4. Ballhaus Session
    by Thorsten Quaeschning
  5. Himmelfahrt
    by Blank Manuskript
  6. THORSTEN QUAESCHNING behind closed doors with​.​.​.​ HOSHIKO YAMANE & PAUL FRICK
    by Thorsten Quaeschning, Hoshiko Yamane, Paul Frick
  7. THORSTEN QUAESCHNING behind closed doors with​.​.​.​ HARALD GROSSKOPF & PAUL FRICK
    by Thorsten Quaeschning, Harald Grosskopf, Paul Frick
    by Thorsten Quaeschning, Lutz "Lüül" Graf-Ulbrich, Knut Hagedorn, Franz Bargmann
  9. Chimpan A : Empathy Machine (Instrumental Mixes)
    by robert reed
  10. Man Confused Vol I (Various Demo Action 2004 - 2001 AD)
    by Justin Greaves
  11. Man Confused Vol II (Various Demo Action 2011 - 2018 AD)
    by Justin Greaves
  12. Tubular Bells - A Minor Tune (with Les Penning and Tom Newman)
    by robert reed
  13. Neuland
    by Neuland
  14. Sedimental Journey
    by Peter Principle
  15. Machines of Desire
    by Peter Baumann
  16. The Floral Dance E.P.
    by robert reed
  17. Jardin au fou
    by Roedelius
  18. Live in Oslo, 1985
    by Tuxedomoon
  19. Live in Rome, 2014
    by Tuxedomoon
  20. Live at Deaf Club, 1979
    by Tuxedomoon