This is Awukaza Eyes’ music collection on Bandcamp.
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  3. following 1096
    by GrandBazaar
  2. Eminence Grise
    by PERSO
  3. Leather Blvd.
    by B. Cool-Aid
  4. A Forsaken Lover's Plea
    by Chuck Strangers
  5. Footwork b/w Morning Glory
    by Dave Guy
  6. Why Look Up, God's In The Mirror
    by LUKAH
  7. Double Time
    by Tara Lily
  8. align with Nature's Intelligence
    by muva of Earth
  9. Twelve Tones
    by Tokyo Prose
  10. I Remember / Too Late
    by DRS, Tyler Daley, Calibre, LSB
  11. Three Colour Portrait
    by Tokyo Prose
  12. When We Will Return
    by Lex (de Kalhex)
  13. Come On In (Les Imprimés Remix) b/w Under The Sun (Surprise Chef Remix)
    by Lady Wray
  14. Bitume
    by Rocé
  15. Grains
    by Move 78
  16. Cerulean
    by Benaddict, Slim & Ella Mae Sueref
  17. Tokyo Lasagna
    by MichaelAngelo
  18. And Then You Pray For Me
    by Westside Gunn
  19. Madlib Medicine Show #5 - The History of the Loop Digga 1990-2000
    by Madlib
  20. Mathuniversal
    by Mathematik