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  1. In the Air Tonight / More Than Words
    by Marissa Nadler & Stephen Brodsky
  2. Gododdin
    by Midnight Force
    Y Gododdin Y Gododdin
    Traditional Heavy Metal at its best, great epic choruses and interesting musical passages particularly on the longer songs.
  3. First Demo!
    by Jenny Genius
  4. Dreamwalkers (name-your-price)
    by Polly Fae
  5. Perfumed Earth
    by Purple Pilgrims
  6. Mystik
    by Mystik
    Into Oblivion Into Oblivion
    Phenomenal album, really captures the dark style and atmosphere of classic Metal bands like Mercyful Fate, particularly the haunted guitar leads and breathy vocals.
  7. Krigsdøger
    by GJENDØD
    Når sårene er renset Når sårene er renset
    Black Metal as it should sound, perfect songwriting and production for the genre.
  8. You Are Literally A Metaphor
    by Consider the Source
  9. Immurement
    by Aphotic
    An Immured Existence An Immured Existence
    Modern Death Metal that's as tight as it is heavy.
  10. My Torment
    by Ercília Costa
  11. Hot Coffin
    by Hot Coffin
    A Lesson In Sleep A Lesson In Sleep
    This album seamlessly drifts between stomping Hard Rock riffs and dreamy melodic passages, without sacrificing the overall intensity or energy of the record. Almost every song is a short Firecracker with a memorable hook and multiple interesting passages.
  12. LAW
    by Hot Coffin
    Fire Child Fire Child
  13. Thug
    by Hot Coffin
  14. Acapulco Lips
    by Acapulco Lips
    Awkward Waltz Awkward Waltz
    A noisy, very tuneful blend of Garage Rock and 60's Surf.
  15. Marais Juana - Une Ode Cannabique
    by Marécages
    Marais Juana Marais Juana
    Combines Old School Death Metal and modern Doom perfectly.
  16. "The Trilogy Of The Black Monsoon"
    by MOANA
  17. II
    by Petrichor
    Saint Francis Satyr Saint Francis Satyr
    This album sounds like the Doom Metal equivalent of The Cranberries, heavy riffing and unique vocal delivery.
    Breathe Breathe
    This album seamlessly mixes classic rock melodies, noise pop atmosphere and doom metal riffing all in one psychedelic package. .
  19. Satan's Hallow
    by Satan's Hallow
    Beyond The Bells Beyond The Bells
    Solid heavy metal songwriting with great vocals!
  20. Forgotten Paths
    by Saor