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  1. Mirage
    by Plini
  2. Terror Management Theory
    by TEMIC
  3. A Cell To Call Home
    by Advent Horizon
    by Aisles
  5. 2084:Heretic
    by Built for the Future
  6. Metamorphosis
    by Ring of Gyges
  7. Telepathic Minds
    by Overhead
  8. Fearless
    by Crown Lands
  9. Postcards From The Asylum
    by Jason Bieler And The Baron Von Bielski Orchestra
    Holy ScHmIdT I came across this randomly looking for new music. I thought Jason Bieler's name and voice sounded familiar...sure enough this is Jason Bieler from the 90's band Saigon Kick! Amazing! I loved Saigon Kick and I am loving this project from him. So awesome to hear great stuff coming from a blast from my past, I listened to Saigon Kick back in high school and 30+ years later listening to the same guy do more great music!
  10. Future of the Sea
    by PLANK
  11. Atlánticos
    by Nadie Nunca Nada
  12. New Lives for Rent
    by Nothing in Writing
    The Last Goodbye The Last Goodbye
    Fantastic new offering from Sean Thompson and company. I hear some echoes of Odd Logic in there, but this is definitely a new sound that feels more melodic than Odd Logic and is very excellent. I'll be jamming this album a lot.
  13. Innate Passage
    by Elder
  14. Dividing Lines
    by Threshold
  15. The Signal Heard Throughout Space
    by Parius
  16. Atheist Cathedrals
    by Diagonal Path
  17. The Signal Heard Throughout Space
    by Parius
  18. Guiding Ghost
    by Ephemeral
  19. The Indifferent Stars
    by Haven of Echoes
  20. Above & Beyond
    by Cultifact