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  1. in a daze
    by Crest Of The Syndicate
  2. Einderlicht
    by Marche Funèbre
  3. Open Language: Volume V [Side A]
    by A Thousand Arms
  4. One (Remastered)
  5. Open Language: Volume V [Side B]
    by A Thousand Arms
  6. Spectral Queen Mini EP
    by Eiyn Sof
    Battleaxe Battleaxe
    Think: it's the middle ages and you've wandered into a foreign kingdom, thrust through a frenzy of jovial eccentrics. You find yourself suddenly settled in the middle of a fair, enjoying the musical stylings of a minstrel who then slips you some LSD. Good times with Dark Ages!

    Note: @2:51 = Yes.
  7. Echoes
    by Wills Dissolve
    Oh, damn, I just notice the link to the excerpt of this on Youtube. Sweet digs. No doubt a broad array of styles taken from throughout the cosmos. As we know, it is not the destination, but the journey that accounts for life, so it's pretty inevitable that these points along the path would become interwoven in the telling of the tale...

    So far so good!
  8. Sleep Forever
    by We Deserve This
    Definite sense of urgency.

    I might easily drown beneath the onslaught of the keys were it not for the rhythmic pops to toss me up and the crests to give me rest.

    Thumbs up up.
  9. I Djävulens Avbild
    by Ov Shadows
  10. Consumed by Oblivion
    by Void Rot
    It's like crisp, steady phrases reaching out from beyond a thick haze of decay, calling you inward...

    Yes, yes I think I will.

    I'm also a very large fan of the album art.

    And, word, if you are a fan of Bolzer, you have once again stumbled upon treasure.
  11. All is Violent, All is Bright
  12. Grain
    by darius
    Rør Rør
  13. Demo
    by Sedimentum
  14. The Valium Machine
    by Outlander
  15. Drink of Sleep
    by Circus Cannon
  16. Wurlitzer
    by Circus Cannon
  17. ConMan
    by Circus Cannon
  18. Divided
    by Early Mammal
    The early mammal catches the bird. This one dons the feathers and dances its final flight.

    Early Mammal is king of riffing with a charged simplicity that invokes the idea of the primal.

    So Cool!
  19. In A Cage
    by Jan-Dirk Platek
  20. Landscapes (Single)
    by We Deserve This