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  1. Dope Smoker III
    by Dope Smoker
    Colour Blind Colour Blind
  2. Le temps du rêve
    by synopsys
    Morning in the wilderness Morning in the wilderness
  3. Bluesberry Jam
    by Aquamarine
    Mirage Mirage
  4. X
    by Mika Grönholm
  5. Midnight parade
    by Mika Grönholm
  6. Black Rainbow - EP
    by The Black Heart Death Cult
    She's a Believer She's a Believer
    Sounds like wading in an oasis of magnetic field where subsonicmergence is the precondition of its full-blooming. I'm a believer!
  7. Creations EP
    by Cegvera
    Latrun Latrun
    Eff yes. I am on the Cegvera bandwagon. Instant buy; haven't listened to it yet. Don't care!
  8. Baneful Magic, Death Worship and Necromancy Rites Archaic
    by Crypt Lurker
    Bearer of the Two Torches Bearer of the Two Torches
    I had to search to verify that these guys actually have only the releases on offer here (truth, according to archives) because, despite the limited life span, these guys sound well established. They have found their sound; it is forceful and strong.

    I walked through the gates of uncreation and found I could not find. And it was good.
  9. Coke Lane
    by Strange Bru
    coke lane coke lane
  10. Witch's Oath EP (2016)
    by Mindkult
    King and Priest King and Priest
  11. FLYING - EP
    by FLYING
    Duality Duality
  12. The Comfort of an Endless Pain
    by Drowning Steps
    A Perfect Day To Cry A Perfect Day To Cry
    I swear that if Cold Dew Drips was made electric, it would sound like Stone Temple Pilots. Nojokes. The Darkest Morning managed to remind me of both The Cranberries and Rush at different points... All together, though, there's more of a Porcupine Tree vibe going here. That's all just to say that, while right now I've only got two tracks, they seem to be capturing some key qualities that I admire in lots of music.
  13. Hosanna
    by Flesh of the Stars
    Eraser Cave Death Eraser Cave Death
  14. HIDE
    by Flesh of the Stars
    Mastoid Mastoid
  15. Last Dive - Firstborn (2014)
    by Red Truth Records
    Judas's Call Judas's Call
    Lots going on here--like a sludgy, grungy rock of doom with bits of industrial utility and psychedelic properties. Overall good times.
  16. tumor
    by couchmaster
    bruises on your bruises bruises on your bruises
    A lopsided dream space to fall into. That's just my intuition.
  17. The Mountain Ghost
    by Kylver
    The Death of the Mountain Ghost The Death of the Mountain Ghost
    I bet this ghost had a troubled past that we never heard about. Not to justify it's actions, but I worry about the perpetual cycle of violence and retaliation. The music makes me think of justification (for the actions of the villagers), but ends with a result (the fall of the ghost) that offers no glimpse of the consequence--no denouement. Which, to be clear, I find incredibly fitting (given that perpetual=no end).

    Also pumped that I got my hands on the blood orange copy. YES.
  18. The Island
    by Kylver
    Monolith Monolith
  19. Necrovation
    by Necrovation
    Resurrectionist Resurrectionist
    Death metal with threads of classic and black metal....Still with the pummeling percussion and speedy riffage, but with a driving rhythm, echoic vocals and a little more presence of the treble. The Swedes continue in the tradition of making me jealous.
  20. IV: Arrow in Heart
    by Aosoth
    IV-1. An Arrow In Heart IV-1. An Arrow In Heart
  21. Lights in the Howling Wilderness
    by Jassa
    The One Who Waits on the Other Side The One Who Waits on the Other Side
    It's usual in black metal to encounter repetitious passages, which isn't bad in and of itself, but it could easily get boring if there's nothing that snaps its fingers to engage you. I think these guys are effectively managing the situation with percussive elements--so you can dig deep and ride this thing straight down into the Dark Underbelly.

    Also: HGD, is that a Didgeridoo? <3
  22. Servants of the Countercosmos
    by Wode
    Crypt of Creation Crypt of Creation
  23. Clouding
    by Beachglass
    Lay Low Lay Low
  24. Free Album
    by KNALL
    Coffeholics Coffeholics
  25. 1312
    SHOT DOWN is a total power track. Put on a demon face and pwn the world.
  26. Reverend Bill's One Way Trip (EP)
    by GNOB
    Nomad Nomad
  27. Louise L'Amour ∆ Cowgirl Slop Pop
    by Louise L'Amour
    Go To Bed Go To Bed
  28. Eiyn Sof ∆ Black Thread
    by Springskull
    Free Of Me Free Of Me
  29. Lady Luck
    by Dead Lettuce
    Lady Luck Lady Luck
  30. Kong Saves
    by Kong Lives
    Dimitri Dimitri
    There are days now where I'm just waiting to hear, "...Speak to me, Dimitri."
  31. demo e.p.
    by Seance Sisters
    AA AA
  32. 'Time Is Unforgiving' (EP)
    Phreatic Phreatic
    Hard to know what to say... This is so engaging. It has great style and great energy. Makes me want more. ;)
  33. olneya - "olneya"
    by Olneya
    zero tre zero tre
  34. Semaphora
    by Buddha Sentenza
    Greek Ancestry Greek Ancestry
    This album sounds so genuinely playful and optimistic. Not cliched or Sappy, but just like a person you want to know. It makes me happy.
  35. Живая Акустика. Фестиваль «СИЛ VI»
    by Циолковская
    Белка и Стрелка Белка и Стрелка
    Time to strap on some headphones and submerge...
    appears in 1 other collection
  36. Циолковская показала свое лицо (Вечная 16 08 16)
    by Ciolkowska
    Пистолет Будущего (udUbrenje cover) Пистолет Будущего (udUbrenje cover)
    Bought it before, buying it again. Because I am greedy, I have it displayed twice in my collection. It is my privilege.
  37. Futility+Untitled
    by Primitive Man
    Futility Futility
  38. Split W/ NORTHLESS
    by Primitive Man
    Empty Husk Empty Husk
  39. Swan Valley Heights
    by Swan Valley Heights
    Alaska Alaska
  40. Black Flame Gnosis
    A Glorious Elegy A Glorious Elegy
  41. Upheaval of Unholy Darkness
    by Set
    Accursed Goathead Son Accursed Goathead Son
    This is downright demonic.
    I like the texture--like crunchy peanut butter. There's this effect of a steady, smooth flow in the atmosphere and vocals that transcends time (or defies the metronome, but doesn't disrespect it) with pops and crunch in the percussion that come when you need them. And if you don't like crunchy peanut butter, you're nuts.
  42. Live at Empty Bottle December 15, 2015
    by Pelican
    Lost In The Headlights Lost In The Headlights
    Can't really go wrong with Pelican, can you?
  43. Fractals
    by Cegvera
    Herds Herds
    Ebbs and flows, in kind
    Bind together across time
    Unified, sublime

    There's really no need for a haiku; it's just an awesome album.
  44. Eiyn Sof ∆ Nightrifting
    by Springskull
    Sow In A Goldmine Sow In A Goldmine
  45. Eiyn Sof Nightrifting (Rejects)
    by Springskull
    In The Field In The Field
    I laugh whenever I see the (Rejects) pop up. Because it's funny to call things rejects. In all seriousness, though, if these are your rejects... ?