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  1. Heathen Days
    by It Only Gets Worse
  2. misanthropia
    by Glacial Mass
  3. Love & Faith
    by Evil Gal
  4. Immemorial Existence
    by Edoma
  5. Arvor Mysteri
    by Ynkleudherhenavogyon
  6. Xtematic Remixed by supERROR / supERROR Remixed by Xtematic
    by supERROR / Xtematic
  7. Split
    by Fern / Yu
  8. Failed To Amplify Cactus In The Past
    by Territorial Gobbing / Plastiglomerate
  9. "Fictions in the age of reason"
    by Claus Poulsen & Stuart Chalmers
  10. Sold For Scrap
  11. Blackberries
    by Carnivorous Plants
  12. Lone Lapses
    by Four Ages
  13. That Light Lasted Our Entire Lives, Nothing Simple and Everything Alive
    by Cremation Lily
  14. More Songs About Drowning
    by Cremation Lily
  15. Record 2 Mouth 2
    by Zebra Mu
  16. Music From Amplified Flexible Discs
    by Duncan Harrison
  17. Tonight
    by RRS
  18. Paracrystaline Domains
    by Baronic Wall
  19. All Beyond Nature Is Evil
    by Thomas Tyler
  20. Voidgarden
    by Voidgarden