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  1. treading water
    by seatrash
  2. Konami (2009 Remaster)
    by proswell
  3. Gin City
  5. sedition ep
    by seatrash
    bright eyes bright eyes
    this ep exhibits a surprising amount of depth and variety (from a 5 track ep!) each track is memorable and sweet. sea trash shows admirable restraint as an lsdj-er and does not fall into the 'unce' trap like so many before him. his sound is melodic, melancholy, and subdued- "bright eyes" is the stand out track on this ep.
  6. Dreamstory
    by sylcmyk
  7. a temporary sound solution to a permanent problem
    by temp sound solutions
    the menu for today the menu for today
    what can i say? tss forever.
  8. happy little things
    by wailord
  9. primer
    by ilkae
    // </3 // <3 //
  10. New Power
    by hizmi
    Shigure Shigure
    this album was actually my first time hearing hizmi - ever so glad i did. darkly sparse beats with moments of cathartic lushness.. a very subtle album. def worth buying
  11. rootkit
    by temp sound solutions
    i love temp sound solutions.
  12. porpoise!
    by ilkae
    gets me every time
  13. The Bed Sessions EP
    by sleepytimejesse
  14. The Bitmobile Needs Gas
    by The Bitman
    Sunday Sunday
    it rox .. heavy rox
  15. The Salt-Ridden Evolver
    by Lord Squid
    ambient idm with a unique sample choice :: has an odd and harrowing v i b e.
  16. I Miss You - EarthBound 2012
    by Various Artists
  17. Spacious Anxious
    by sleepytimejesse
    Interlude: The Vacuum Of Space Interlude: The Vacuum Of Space
    an album true to sleepytimejesse's apparent influences (mid-nineties video game soundtracks, neo-classical composition, prog metal), spacious anxious is a unique and well-rounded release. a go-to album for snes/n64 era chip music; as good as alex mauer's rain-slick ost.
  18. memory
    by taoru
  19. Fetushouse
    by Holy Konni
  20. january has been bad and it will be 6 months before it gets better
    by an-cat-max