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  1. In Search of Ancient Mysteries
    by psychedelic source records
  2. Stoned Runes
    by Tetuzi Akiyama & Tom Greenwood
  3. Simple Air
    by Rhucle
  4. Uncommon Weather
    by The Reds, Pinks & Purples
    one of those rare records that makes you look up and out and love and weep for everything and everyone. perfect.
  5. Aurora
    by Tomáš Niesner
  6. places remember us
    by rootless
  7. Gardenside Ambient Sessions I
    by Bence Ambrus
  8. Live: Portland 99 / Guelph 00
    by theNEWDEAL
  9. Holos
    by Vahvistusharha
  10. Bud Fascination
    by Pilot Voyager
  11. Avoidance Language
    by Rob Noyes and Joseph Allred
  12. Scenes of Scapes
    by Kenji Kihara
  13. When River Flows Reverse
    by River Flows Reverse
  14. Kirkfield Non
    by East of the Valley Blues
  15. Beyond the Cycle
    by Sunhiilow
  16. Petojen tavat
    by Shakali
  17. No Language For The Feeling
    by Peter Kris
  18. Cellini's Halo
    by Wendy Eisenberg
  19. Loimaa
    by Stefan Christensen
  20. Reyes
    by Jeffrey Alexander