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August Gwar

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  1. ch. VII carry the bones
    by psalters
  2. The Divine Liturgy of the Wretched Exiles
    by psalters
    by TOMAGA
    The boldest + most mature release to date. And sadly, this means *ever*. A swan song, indeed. Love, a listener.
  4. Nataliya Serbina | Predyvo
    by In Crudo
  5. New Sound
    by Ensemble Minisym
    by Philipp Gorbachev
  7. Due Matte
    by Valentina Magaletti & Marlene Ribeiro
  8. Extended Play 2 (Digital Only)
    by TOMAGA
  9. Jest drabina do nieba | Ladder to Heaven - Songs for Lent
    by In Crudo
  10. Acre
    by Amuleto
  11. Misztériumok
    by Amuleto
  12. Kantičkos
    by GŠ Ansamblis
  13. Abandonnée/Maléja
    by La Tène & Jacques Puech et Louis Jacques & Jérémie Sauvage et Guilhem Lacroux
  14. Vouerca/Fahy
    by La Tène
  15. Clutched in the Maw of the World
    by Alder & Ash
  16. Psalms for the Sunder
    by Alder & Ash
  17. Hwal
    by KEDA
  18. Prayer
    by Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus
  19. Point d'issue
    by Tout est joli / All is pretty
  20. beauty will save the world
    by Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus