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  1. Kuiu / Infinite Rainbows
    by Pablo Bolivar
  2. Soft, Deep & Dark #4
    by Various Artists
  3. Interlinked
    by plant43
  4. Before The Horizon
    by Noah Lyas
  5. Mamushi
    by Doltz
  6. Kitsune
    by Doltz
  7. Moon Thief
    by Biocym
  8. Framework Of A Dream
    by Pablo Bolivar
  9. Noah Lyas - Reflections LP (ST030)
    by Noah Lyas
    Noah Lyas - Reflection ll Noah Lyas - Reflection ll
    Noah Lyas on SIT, what a nice surprise!
  10. Ascend
    by Teste Edit Select
    Ascend Ascend
    Discoved this track in one of Oscar Muleros Boiler Room sets, what a gem!
  11. Future Retro
    by Blazej Malinowski & Claudio PRC
  12. Hattori Hanzō - Convective Overshoot LP
    by Hattori Hanzo
    Hattori Hanzō - Convection 08 (Original Mix) Hattori Hanzō - Convection 08 (Original Mix)
    Great Techno- not much to add. This artist knows how to put together an LP; others should take an example from it!
  13. Northen Rituals
    by Blòt Heathen
    Mammoth God Mammoth God
    My favourite journey of all Rites released so far, perfect obscure atmosphere and flow.
  14. Orvalho
    by Floating Machine
    Amanhecer Amanhecer
    Damn, what an opining track!
  15. Serotonic
    by Avulth
    Serotonic Serotonic
    The most versatile artist I know; not sure how he does it - incredible. This two-tracker surrounds you like a warm cloak!
  16. 23 Hours Of Drama
    by Svarog
    Vesper Vesper
    I dig the organic touch of this album, otherwise very characteristic for Svarog, deep and mysterious with hints of spirituality.
  17. Hattori Hanzō - Winter Landcapes
    by Hattori Hanzo
    09 - Hattori Hanzō - Pista Nueve (Original Mix) 09 - Hattori Hanzō - Pista Nueve (Original Mix)
    A full body of work, what a deep and driving album. Well done.
  18. Hattori Hanzō 001 - Transpositions
    by Hattori Hanzo
  19. Southern Skies
    by Hiemal
  20. Ambient Collaboration
    by Hiemal & Scott Lawlor