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  1. Teeth
    by Magana
    Beside You Beside You
    Magana BITES BACK with 'Teeth.' Her best work yet. Brutal, bizarre, and beautiful. WITCHY ROCK.
  2. Cease Silence
    by Cease Silence
  3. Kind of Blah
    by Frog
    All Dogs Go to Heaven All Dogs Go to Heaven
    The kind of gorgeous and inventive emotional guitar musical that reminds you why you ever gave a fuck in the first place.

  4. GROG
    by Frog
    Gone Back to Stanford Gone Back to Stanford
    Daddy's home. All fucking hail. The Swamp is everything.
  5. pack your bags the sun is growing
    by bedbug
    Year of the bedbug.
  6. phoneswithBen
    by phoneswithchords
  7. To Sleep, To Dream
    by Magana
    Big Black Spider Big Black Spider
  8. Quiet, Constant Friends
    by Various Small Flames
    The Well The Well
    This goes so hard. A volume two would also go so hard. I can't believe there's still tapes left. You should get.
  9. From the River to the Sea: The Horrible Truth About Palestine - a Fundraiser for the United Palestinian Appeal
    by Audio Antihero
    no indictment / hang yourself no indictment / hang yourself
    So pleased with this compilation. Songs by Frog, HARDCOREBAE, bedbug, Laptop Funeral, Kahlil Ali and many more. It's really something.

    If you'd like to learn more about Palestine please watch the film "Gaza Fights for Freedom" -
  10. Nothing Matters to Me Now
    by CHUCK
  11. Reshapes
    by Nicholas Langley
    Superman Revenge Squad - Dead Crow Blues (Hz Mix) Superman Revenge Squad - Dead Crow Blues (Hz Mix)
  12. Slayer on a Sunny Day
    by My Best Unbeaten Brother
    Brilliant new project from Ben & Adam Parker (Nosferatu D2 / Tempertwig / Superman Revenge Squad) and bassist Ben Fry. Lots more to come.
  13. Till the Ground
    by Double Grave
  14. fort stevens 2006
    by porch kiss
  15. 45 Minutes of Fairy Tale Endings/45rpm/Acoustic Sessions
    by Zero Cipher
    Stupid People Make Me Angry Stupid People Make Me Angry
    I wore my "Stupid People Make Me Angry" t-shirt for YEARS.
  16. Death Dimension
    by Joey Walker
    "I didn't think you had it in you /
    I didn't know that you had it in you"
  17. EPIC
    by Pink Navel
  18. BRAINWASHER (2001)
    by BARE JR.
    100% the best thing I ever found in a £1 bin (which is honestly a pretty big compliment because I also got the first Taproot single like that)
  19. Nu Metal
    by Zero Cipher
  20. Diary of a Sadist
    by Zero Cipher