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  1. Shapeshifting
    by Dianna Lopez
    Gorgeous and astounding music, can't recommend this record enough.
  2. The Whole Thing Was A Fiasco - Megadead Remix
    by Atlanta Dream Season, Megadead
    Great Megadead/Benjamin Shaw remix of a really fun and unique band.
  3. Qing
    by H.B.I.C.
    "that's my purse motherfucker, i don't know you" \m/
  4. Audio Visual Metro Computers
    by Megadead
    Slowdead Slowdead
    Another funny and sad electronic EP from my best pal Benjamin Shaw. I'm absolutely loving these Megadead releases <3
  5. you are not a morning person
    by Magana
    Face in a Locket Face in a Locket
    Debut album from Magana at long last <3
  6. Predictable
    by Dianna Lopez
  7. Sad Girls Club
  8. C U GIRL
    by Steve Lacy
  9. Sad Hours
    by Lazylove1960ss
  10. Breathing
    by Magana
    Me and my budgie are really into this meditative ambient EP from Magana.
  11. Nan Pwen Lavi Ankò
    by Melissa Laveaux
  12. From A Star
    by In Kind
  13. Semi Sweet
    by Highnoon
  14. the holy stoner blues, pt. ii
    by dante robinson
  15. Like You've Seen a Ghost
    by Jay Americana
  16. It’s All over Now, Baby Blue b/w Be My Husband
    by ANOHNI
    Be My Husband Be My Husband
  17. life like moving pictures
    by bedbug
    "The revolution that feeds the children gets my support."
  18. Memoir (Demo)
    by Poolblood
  19. TRADE
    by Time and Temperature
  20. Mustang
    by Bartees Strange