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  1. Count Bateman
    by Frog
  2. Shark Islands: A Broken Shoulder Archipelago
    by Broken Shoulder
    Shark Island (Crow Versus Crow Session) Shark Island (Crow Versus Crow Session)
    Free/PWYW collection of radio sessions and compilation recordings from Fighting Kites founding member Broken Shoulder.

    Check out this anthology of Fighting Kites material too -
  3. Should've Stayed At Home: A Collection of Oddities and Outtakes
    by Benjamin Shaw
    Goodbye, Kagoul World (The Waiting Room Session) Goodbye, Kagoul World (The Waiting Room Session)
    Sessions, compilation appearances, demos, unreleased songs. Gorgeous free/pwyw compilation from Benjamin Shaw. Working title was "the worst of Benjamin Shaw" but it's actually wonderful.

    PWYW A-Sides collection available here -
  4. Mustard After Dinner - An Anthology of Fighting Kites
    by Fighting Kites
    Bowling Alone (EP Version) Bowling Alone (EP Version)
    The first Fighting Kites release on Audio Antihero since 2011. It has been such a treat to collect all this beautiful material together.

    Check out this anthology of Neil's solo recordings too -
  5. Live at Kulak's Woodshed
    by Cloud
    Mother Sea (Live at Kulak's Woodshed) Mother Sea (Live at Kulak's Woodshed)
    Gorgeous audio and visual live album from Cloud.
  6. Exciting Opportunities: A Collection of Singles and Sadness
    by Benjamin Shaw
    Goodbye, Kagoul World Goodbye, Kagoul World
    I always felt like there were some really beautiful songs by Benjamin Shaw that got lost and missed over the years. Ahead of his show at Donaufestival, I wanted to put some of my favourites in one place for new people to hear. Ben did a wonderful job of remastering these.

    PWYW B-Sides collection available here -
  7. FAKE NOSTALGIA: An Anthology of Broken Stuff
    by Tempertwig
    Everything Can Be Derailed Everything Can Be Derailed
    Fans of Nosferatu D2 and Superman Revenge Squad should check out this killer early project from the Parker brothers.
  8. Elder Statesman: Nine Long Years of Audio Antihero Records
    by Audio Antihero
    I've been doing this for way longer than I've not been a dickhead.
  9. Whatever We Probably Already Had It
    by Frog
    God Once Loved a Woman God Once Loved a Woman
    NEW FROG. So many bangers in here. Watch the "Kings of Blah" documentary -
  10. Kind of Blah
    by Frog
    All Dogs Go to Heaven All Dogs Go to Heaven
    The kind of gorgeous and inventive emotional guitar musical that reminds you why you ever gave a fuck in the first place.

  11. Veteran
  12. Megadead
    by Benjamin Shaw
    A Brand New Day A Brand New Day
    Benjamin Shaw's first album on Audio Antihero since 2014! It's coming home! <3
  13. Plays with Fire
    by Cloud
    Oh, So Juvenile Oh, So Juvenile
    Likely the last album from Cloud. It's a beautiful thing. If you enjoyed "Comfort Songs" or "Zen Summer" then you should immerse yourself in this.
  14. The Desperation Club - A Cloud Tribute Compilation
    by Various Artists
    Cherry Dip Cherry Dip
    I'm so happy with how this whole thing came out. Thank you everyone <3
  15. Id Rather Paint My Toes...
    by H.B.I.C.
    Anxieties Anxieties
  16. Dont Come Outside
    by HBIC
  17. Films Without Plotlines - EP
    by Tempertwig
    This Means Everything, This Don't Mean a Thing (Alternate Version) This Means Everything, This Don't Mean a Thing (Alternate Version)
    Emptying the vault with three super early Tempertwig songs and two gorgeous alternative versions. Start with 'FAKE NOSTALGIA' if you missed it -
  18. Comfort Falls
    by Nicholas Nicholas
  19. In Silence
    by The Wounded
  20. Slow Dance in the Cosmos
    by Porches
  21. About Town
    by Nicholas Nicholas
  22. Because Of A Fire At The Paper Manufacturer / Call Me Number Five
    by Nicholas Nicholas
  23. Wrong
    by Nicholas Nicholas
  24. How It All Went By
    by Strange Ranger
    by Jack Goldstein
  26. Detective Series
    by Painted Forest
  27. Former Home Death
    by Painted Forest
  28. The Best Time of Our Lives (To Run Away)
    by Painted Forest
  29. Shade and the little Creature
    by Mal Devisa
  30. Terrible Feelings! - Single
    by Benjamin Shaw
    Terrible Feelings! Terrible Feelings!
    Daddy's home. 'MEGADEAD' out now -
  31. Demarcation Lines
    by Vassals
    JC Sci JC Sci
    Super Shredder
  32. Halogen Days EP
    by Vassals
    SoHo SoHo
  33. Desiring Machines
    by marblemouth
  34. You Are Beautiful; We Are All Beautiful
    by Candy Says
    subscriber exclusive
  35. Split
    by Foliage // Andrew Younker
  36. Comfort Songs
    by Cloud
    Mother Sea Mother Sea
    The third LP from Audio Antihero. I feel like we achieved something. It's a beautiful LP. I think you'll like it. NEW CLOUD ALBUM OUT NOW
  37. The Blue Jay EP
    by Two Meters
  38. God Once Loved a Woman - Single
    by Frog
    Free/PWYW single from Frog to help promote the "Three Boroughs and a Basement" tour of NY! Bonus b-side recorded by old pal CHUCK ( <3
  39. yellow house
    by orchid mantis
  40. Fall 2018
    by Z Tapes
    Kick the Dog Kick the Dog
    New recording from Benjamin Shaw on here <3
  41. Bad Hand
    by Littler
  42. The Definition of Cool
    by Fenn is cool
  43. my first love mends my final days
    by mathew lee cothran
  44. For Those Who Think You
    by Me in Capris
    This record is a blast. I love Disposable America and all of their beautiful children.
  45. Truthlikeness
    by Ryan Von Gonten